The weather outside is frightful

Ahh but spending time with the family is so delightful!

Supposedly we are going to get 12-18 inches of snow. I think we have about six and it’s going to snow through the night. It’s possible!

I was terribly unprepared for my son this winter. He wanted to play outside and we didn’t have boots, snow pants or wooly socks. I’m not sure where all these things went but I know we had some. My MIL said she had some but we usually have two sets. I don’t feel like traveling back and forth with his winter stuff so I set off to buy some.

First, I hit FB marketplace. I found two pairs of boots and 3 pair of snow pants for the low price of $35. One pair of pants will fit this year and the others will be for next year. Everything is practically brand new. We then went to a local outdoor outfitters for the wooly socks. My husband needed some also. Did you know they are expensive? Wow, we spent more than twice my bargain buys for six pairs of socks. I hope they last a long time.

We had an eventful weekend with my family coming in. I happen to live somewhere middle-ish between my siblings and they both came to my house for some visiting. I loved seeing all my nieces since I don’t have daughters. Two came with us as we picked out our Christmas tree. They had never picked out a fresh one before. My son helped cut down the tree. It was a fun morning.

My one sister (the mother of the nieces) has a snack business!! It’s called Cultivated Baskets and they put together baskets of iconic, hard-to-get and gourmet snack foods. She left us with a treasure trove that’s sure to cause a sugar rush attack. My son was beside himself with joy with all the treats. I think it is such an interesting business. Just look at all these goodies! and there’s even more in a box not shown!

I made some things for my sister in exchange for the snacks and I made her a pocket shawl as a birthday gift. She loves sunflowers so I made her pockets more decorated. I love it so much and so did she. I really can’t wait to make mine!

I bought a new crafty tool: a Cinch Binding tool. It’s so fun! I’ve only made a few notebooks with it but I have lots of designs and some planners that I’m making. Next on my list is a Minc foiling machine. Check out my cute notebook!

I made this out of some thick cover stock, regular lined notebook paper, self-laminating sheets, matte sticker paper and my inkjet printer. I want a really stiff cover and while this is sturdy, not quite as thick as I want. I need to get some chipboard! I had to re-bind this because the coil was a bit wonky. I can’t wait to get my laser printer so I can print other interior pages for journals and planners.

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