“Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie
Happy Thanksgiving. Be grateful.

Fibrous Fun

I’m working on a website and logo for some friends of mine who took over the Central Pennsylvania Fiber Festival. I have had so much fun with these! I’m also going to vend there with the soap but the event isn’t til the spring.

PA colors are blue and gold and then I tried some other fun color combinations. I looked at other fiber festival logos and took into consideration of what the board was thinking of. I love Rhinebeck’s yarn festival logos. It changes every year. How cute is that!

I am a very graphic, graphic designer…with bold coloring and solid looking design. I wanted to sit down and draw something out to give a more organic feel but I really just didn’t have time. That’s where my last set of yarn scribbly came from. 

I would LOVE to hear your honest thoughts! I value the opinion of the target audience and you, my dear bloggy friend, are it! Thanks bunches!


This was a hard week.

Monday, there was a deadly shooting of a mother and her son. The son’s children were in the house being protected by his sister. They are related to a very dear friend of mine’s fiance, who is also a good friend. No reason as of yet or anyone apprehended for the crime.

Tuesday, another deadly shooting…a double suicide of some local teens. A boyfriend and girlfriend found in a car. The boy, 16, was my eldest son’s childhood friend from Boy Scouts. They’ve known each other since first grade. Just devastating to our community. Our high school student body has been rocked.

Wednesday was the second anniversary of one of my best friend’s death who died from cancer. I miss him so much.

Please hold your loved ones close, closer than you think you should. 

Structurally sound stitches

What a great alliteration!

Anyway, I finished Charizard!

This has to be one of my most crochet sculpted hat. I love it! It is not quite symmetrical and I may rio some stitches out to balance but all in all, it feels like a success. I didn’t have a pattern; I went off a picture that I found online.

Uh! I just saw that I am not finished. Be back soon!

Slowly but surely

My charizard hat is coming together. I can’t wait to see it!

I post a pic the other day of a beautiful unicorn scarf by the Velvet Acorn that I want to make for myself and then instantly had orders for 5. It will be a bit before I get to them. I’m steadily working on this one mermaid tail. I just love the shell stitch! I don’t love how long this is taking me!

Only 60some days left til Christmas…I have a lot of stitching to do! Are you dreading any projects? I seem to have more than I thought this year!

oh, I also finished the Rapidash hat with hair! Don’t mind my little creeper photo bomber.

When it rains…it floods

Yesterday was pretty devastating to our local communities. A village was decimated, people lost their homes and lots of damage was left over. Gratefully, our family’s home only was flooded. 

This is my in-laws’ home, the center of our lives. Because of my mother-in-law’s forsight, she had signed up for flood alerts and at 3-4ish a.m. yesterday morning she was awakened by it and then called the calvary. My children had stayed the night. It took us about 4 hours to clear the basement, tie down the trampoline and playhouse and then wait.

This photo is the water coming down the road just one house away and at this point we know that we have five minutes to leave before the basement starts to fill up.

I took this about an hour before we left. This is behind the house. Water just rushing so fast. Apparently, a man died from being hit by a tree and was carried down to the river through the creek. So sad. 

This kind of flooding happens every once in awhile. 2011 was the last one like this. In the 13 years I have been with my husband, I have witnessed about a dozen serious floods. One year there were three. It’s part of life living by a creek.

I am saddened though by those down south whose lives were just destroyed by the hurricane and subsequently flooding. That is nowhere near what we experienced here. We were fortunate. I try to remember to think of those less fortunate than us over the years whose live have just been destroyed. We have had so many offers of support and prayers. We are grateful. I send those thoughts of concern and love to those who need it more.


Top {Knot}ch Props

I started a facebook page specifically for this blog. I feel that there is a disconnect with my other page with regard to crafting, mostly knotty things.  Please do check it out if you have a moment (@CraftmanicMommy on FB)…most of the stuff that is there is from the last several years as well as my newest stuff.

Completed tonight the set of four pokemon hats for my friend’s daughters’ halloween costumes. I so hope they fit!

i did have to rework the squirtle’s face. It just wasn’t cute enough!

Can you tell?

On the holiday front, I have three orders; two mermaid tails and a unicorn beanie. fun, fun! I hope I get them done in time! these tails are going to be 48″ tall and I have yet to only make a baby size. I will be crocheting like mad! As if I don’t already!

Ooh! I received some pics of my client’s baby in her stuff!

So cute!!!

I am not sure where to go from here about rebranding. Do you like the name Top {Knot}ch Props? Or more personally Crochet RayRay? My coworkers for years have called me Ray Ray and it stuck. I kinda like it🙂 I may have to just design a new logo and go from there.

 I really want to add some cute tags to my stuff. I saw some awesome things on etsy that I just love! Being the crafty person I am though, I want to make them myself! I asked my husband for a CNC engraving machine. He initially said no because they can be pretty pricey but I libbied my case! He said we can consider one after the holidays. Yes! He wanted to know why I wanted it and I said to make my own tags, although I am already dreaming of what else to make!

oh, the crafting wheels are turning!!

T minus 90some days

Til my birthday! I look forward to each year more and more.

I’ve skipped past all other notable days and holidays. So much hype. My little guy has been asking me for a week if it is Halloween yet (aka candy day). And if we can go to the pumpkin patch. I do believe this is his favorite holiday.

Tomorrow is my eldest son’s birthday. 17. I just cannot believe it. I made tandy cake. Not so successfully. I didn’t have peanut butter, just PB2. That was okay. But then I used dark chocolate chips for the icing. It didn’t quite set. The cake is right though! Edible, at least.

His plans are to see the new Tim Burton movie with some friends. I am the designated driver. Although I am not sure what time we are going since that was all left up to him. I suppose it will work out.

Has anyone seen it yet? I do love Tim Burton!

Um, what have I been doing?

Sometimes I think I am such a slacker. I totally can be. Then there are other times I feel so overwhelmed. I can’t seem to discern between them because the reaction is the same. 

Disconnect. Resignation. Disinterest.

Yet, I know I must be doing something since projects do get finished. It’s like being on auto-drive. Just going through the motions. Forging forward with any real awareness. 

There have been several side jobs I have completed. Shirts for a local food truck. My brother in law did the equilment install on their truck. These were fun. I have some bandanas and a few other shirts that will say Real Tacos. Real Taste.

The other fun shirts were for a brother of a regular customer of mine. He has some political aspirations. LOL.

And I am craft show prepping. I have 4 shows so far for the holiday season.

Lots of goat milk for soaping!! Can’t wait.

Speaking of holiday season, I have commissions for Halloween. Pokemon hats! A family we have been been friends with have four daughters and their family makes a fun to-do of dressing up. I love their themes. I love making Pokemon stuff. Squirtle, Pikachu, Snorlax and the one hasn’t decided yet.

And I was also asked to make a full-size mermaid tail blanket for another family friend. I’m excited because I just can’t wait to see the little girl’s face! 

So, it seems like I’m gonna be a busy mama, as if I am not already. I hope everyone else has a fun holiday season to prep for!