I’ve compiled some of my recent work and now that I am an “award-winning” designer, I figured I put something together.


Whatcha think?


Unicornia Mania

A few of my unicorn highlights this week.

Legging my mother-in-law found for me.

At the Scholastic Book Fair:

The topper of a lovey I have yet to finish:

My new phone background. I found this on Pinterest but I didn’t save the link for some reason.

Just wanted to share some magic. I needed a little bit to start the week.

New Year, New School

Our lil D has started second grade at a new school! We are so extremely stoked. The last couple years have been hard on him and every morning he would groan and lament about going to school. So, we decided we are trying something different – private school.

There are several private schools in the area, most of them being parochial and since we are quite free-range with our parenting, we went with the one that most suited our thought process. It’s called West Branch School and it is delightful! Picture one-room schoolhouse. It has an upper and lower level of “grade levels” My son is in the lower level and the school only runs to 6th grade so he will only be there for a few years until he has to go back to public school. So far he is really excited. This school’s mission is to foster a love of learning and teach the whole child. I just love that.

Now, this school has some parental expectations. This is not for the kind of parents who are not hands on. After going through the last 13 years with my eldest, I would categorize us as pretty handsy. However, there is a lot more to this school. Parents keep the school together with committees that each parent gets to be on. We clean the school on designated days and group days. We get to come in every month and teach the kids something so the teachers can do planning. There is a fair that is held every year and almost monthly activities to join in on. I really like the aspect of being involved with my son’s schooling on a more personal level. Think the PTA on steroids but with a smaller amount of people. There’s less than 50 kids in this school, so that’s less than 100 people running things.

In any case, we feel so fortunate that we are able to send him there. We’ve known about it for awhile but was just not able to financially afford such an endeavor. This meant putting off getting a new vehicle but I’ll keep driving my 20 year old Jeep. She’s purple and I just can’t bear to part with her yet. I think that the investment is far worth the gains in my son’s attitude and education. I’ll regale you with our tales as the year goes on. This should prove interesting!


I thought this day would never come. My eldest child is officially done with high school.

Now on to he next child. Only 10 more years to go. Wish me luck!

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So, this year I’m on a mission to overhaul my little soap business, Side Door Soaps & Sundry Co. I’d like to take it to the next level by offering not only stuff I make but kits that your family can make. Right now, it’s self-sustaining and I work full-time. Not that I think I’d go all time soapmaking, but it would be awesome if I could. Check out the new labeling!

If you could, please vote for us in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and we could win $25,000!


Sh*t My Son Said

It’s quite trying to be a mom. I’ve often thought of the funny stuff my kids say with amusement and love. Recently though, my eldest son, has spoken some whoppers. He’s legally an adult at 18 yet has the reasoning of an adolescent. And as an adolescent, finds ways and means to justify his actions with some interesting “logical” thinking. I am not amused. Maybe one day I will be.

Last week he was suppose to be cleaning his room. My husband goes to check on him and his progress. Apparently, he is just relaxing in his room organizing his Magic cards. His room is “clean.” So my husband begins to point out areas and ask about their cleanliness.

H: “If I look in the closet, will that be organized?”
S: “Yes.”
H: “If I look under the bed, will that be clean?”
H: “So you are saying, if I look under the bed right now, it will be clean?”
S: “Don’t look under the bed.”


Yesterday, my son was asked to shovel the driveway for his elderly grandmother. He is there every day after school and just sits in front of the TV watching YouTube or playing Xbox, so my husband likes to try to keep him busy and not loafing around.

When my husband calls to check up on his progress, my mother-in-law tells my husband that my son decided to stop because he was sweating. My husband addresses this with our son when we get home.

H: “Why did you not complete the task I asked you to do?”
S: “I was sweating so I stopped.”
H: “What does sweating have anything to do with shoveling the rest of the driveway?”
S: “I learned in Boy Scouts that you should stop when you start sweating or you can get hypothermia and die.”
H: “Yes, in survival situations, not shoveling.”
S: “If there is anything I learned in Boy Scouts, that’s what I know they said.”
H: “I shoveled for four hours yesterday our driveway and helped the two neighbors shovel out their driveways and I was sweating and didn’t get hypothermia.”
S: “You shouldn’t have done that! You could have died!”


I hope I can look back on this and miss these smart-alecky statements. Have you kids said some doozies?


My birthday was Monday. Once there was a time I didn’t think of living past my 20s and now here I am cruising toward 40. Life is vastly different and I really have no complaints, well, other than wishing I won the lottery and can retire sooner than later. One can dream.

The end of 2017 went well. We spent 10 days in Florida touring Disney World and Universal Studios as well as visited the Kennedy Space Center. Loads of fun and loads of moolah later, suffice it to say it was the trip of a lifetime. My boys definitely enjoyed themselves. If you’ve never been to Disney World my number one tip is to go in the off season, if there is such a thing. Be prepared for the crowd of all crowds. I have to a of pics but that can be another day.

The New Year came in and I dreaded heading back to work after not being there for two weeks. Oh, the agony! While I missed my coworkers, I don’t miss the grind of getting up and driving to work. And I even like my job!

We went roller skating for my birthday. I have a friend who celebrates the same day and we like to do things together. Let me just say that roller skating tells you how how your body really feels. Although, I’m not in as terrible shape as I thought. Just the tops of my thighs hurt surprisingly after I hit the floor a few times on my back and bottom. I even managed to split my pants doing the Limbo. Fun fun.

I did manage to complete a few projects so far for this first week of the year! Three headbands. One I gifted to my birthday twinsie and didn’t get a photo and the other two I have yet to snap pics of. I am almost done with a cute unicorn lovey for my aunt.

It’s so cute!