The Enthusiast

I’m a 7w8…

Last year, I took a course with a local small business organization. I started freelancing more and decided it’s time to really make it a business. I took the business class a little bit further after reading “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller and am taking Business Made Simple University. In this class there is a course called Ennegram Made Simple.

Have you heard of enneagrams? It’s similar to personality typing that Myers-Briggs but with 9 types of personalities that have wing personalities as well. Fascinating stuff. In the course there are also suggestions of what to do to improve yourself, to be “healthy”. I’m all about self-improvement, especially in my business. I really am a terrible business owner lol

If you can see in my pie chart that the 7 is HUUUUGGGEEEE…and next to it is the tiniest 6 piece. My husband is a 6. When they say opposites attract, I can see how this fits. I am least all of all the number personalities, his. No wonder, too! His is all about security and safety, and since he has those qualities, no wonder why I gravitate towards him. He is my safe place while I’m being wild and free.

So, what could be my weakness aka “passion” … gluttony. No surprise there. Have you seen my yarn stash and other collections? Apparently, I also work all the time however, I don’t see it as working. Sometimes I’m just dawdling on my computer learning stuff and researching. I do like to be productive.

On the Brigg-Myers, I come out as an ENFP. According to 16 personalities, I’m a “true free spirit” and oh, how so true that is. What I found interesting in from the Enneagram Institute, was that type 7 is the one more likely to be plague by addiction. In my early life, I struggled very much with my mental illness and addictions. My impulse control was non-existent and my anxiety was through the roof. As the years have gone by, and especially this past year, a lot of the fears I had have been quelled. I really haven’t been so happy as I am right now. I’m a month shy of celebrating 18 years of continuous abstinence.

Anyone else fascinated by enneagrams or personality tests? What’s your type?

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