A Craftmanic Phenomenom

I love to buy crafty things. Compulsively, in excess. I’m a binge crafting shopper. When I see something I like, I just can’t help myself in buying more. I also make money on the things that I make. However, in the end, I’m sure I don’t come even close to breaking even. That’s because I spend the money I make on MORE craft supplies. You know what I mean! I know I’m not the only one who does this!

This is the Craftmanic Revolving Door: I spend money to make money yet spend more money (on the hope and eventuality) that I might make more money on the things I just spent money on that may or may not be directly related to the current project(s).

Case in point: I wanted to knit some hats for profit. Not an easy feat if you’ve ever knit before and know how long it can take. Yarn is relatively cheap in comparison to other things I buy. I’ve spent $4 on a roll of washi tape that’s as much as a skein of yarn on sale or with a coupon.  (Don’t think about $4 tape, that’s nothing and another thought!) I looked at the fair market value of knit hats and I think to myself, would I pay that much? Is it reasonable? What is so darn special about a $45 knit hat? Can I justify it?? I wouldn’t spend $45 on a knit hat unless it was absolutely freaking fantastalicious and I, in no means, am able to replicate it. There’s not much I can’t replicate but I can admit that I’m prone to instant gratification of owning what I want this instant!

Anyway, back to knitting hats…I went a bit yarn crazy in building my stash for my hat endeavor. I found a great deal on over 100 skeins of yarn for $55. It was sold out from under me. So I found another great deal on yarn after scouring the internet and posting on facebook my anguish of losing such a deal on yarn. I spent $110 on almost the same amount.  In the grand yarn scheme, that’s not a lot.  I certainly didn’t need that much damn yarn! I didn’t tell my husband about it either and ran home each night waiting for the shipments to arrive so I could delight in my fibrous frenzy. In reality, I only needed a modest amount of yarn to start making my hats. Like one skein for every order instead of a skein for every order I may never get. I’m ambitious! I like to be prepared. I also relish every time I open my closet and see my rainbow of yarn.

Now that it is summer, not many people are interested in hats. I’ve put that on hold. Currently, I’m making cup cozies. They are super fast. And I am almost finished in making my first purse. More on that later…I’m still getting my project list built up to use up my yarn stash so I can buy more soon!