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The last couple months I have struggled to get to the gym. I really, really need to get there. I don’t know how we are going to do it but it must happen. I was thinking of just cancelling the membership because I know they are just raking in the dough of members who have the best intentions of using the membership but instead just let it wane such as myself. I have it set up in an account that’s just my transfer account that has just enough moolah to link to random things like my etsy, paypal and other auto transfer things that need paid out so my main account is secure from hacking. The caveat: remembering to make sure that all the money is in there for these various auto-payments.

I usually set reminders of when I need to send money to the transfer account and the bank sends me reminders when I set them up. However, when one doesn’t put to the reminders in there are prices to pay. I don’t know who the brilliant mind at the banks decided that $40 should be the overdraft fee but i think that is HIGHWAY ROBBERY! Twice this month, I’ve overdrafted my account because once, I used the wrong damn card (they all look the same!) because I decided not to rearrange my wallet after my baby was playing with it the first time and then I didn’t post a reminder for the gym membership dues needing renewed.

DAMN IT ALL TO HELL. $80 down the drain in fees. I’m about to resort to taking all of my money out of the bank and hoarding it at home. The bank just doesn’t pay me enough in interest to keep subjecting myself to this. I’m terrible with money and this is just another kick to my pride after YEARS of trying to get financially responsible and stable. Let’s just say my dear husband is just not happy with me. I might have to resort to having him hawk over my accounts again. It’s painful for me to say that but this girl works hard for her money!

Let this be another hard lesson to me about fiscal responsibility. I know that I’m at fault since I failed at the vigilance I was developing to be money conscious. I hope you all learn my lesson, too.