Self – Induced

Lately, I have really been thinking about my time and priorities. The paradox of my life is that while being occupied with one thing, something else is not being taken care of. Oh, there certainly is multi-tasking however, in my world of multi-tasking, not everything gets the same amount of care and consideration as if I had ONLY given attention to one task at a time. And in my dear husband’s opinion, everything suffers.

And that brings me to my thought of this week from Thich Nhat Hahn about mindfulness. I constantly strive for mindfulness. I always fall short. That is the nature, I suppose, of my manicness. I suffer from anxiety and in turn everything (well, not everything, just a lot) suffers because of my lack of discipline and ability to stay still and focus on just one thing. I’m not ADD or AH/HD. I am able to complete tasks in a timely manner. I just need to have a zillion things going on also. Like I need constant stimulation for motivation. I learned recently this is called “stimming”.  More on that another time.

This week I haven’t really accomplished much crafting. I’ve been rather busy. But what kind of busy, really? I didn’t feel quite productive. My house was a wreck. I felt constantly on the run as usual. I want to slow down. I want to focus. I want to stop with my self-induced madness. (Not the crafting kind! That can stay as is :D) I really want to be able to savor each moment.