Derek’s Despicable 2nd Party!

Featuring adorable minions and other fun things! All week I prepared for this party and it was a hit! I love planning parties for my kids and this has to be my favorite yet! Derek didn’t want us singing to him and he was quite cranky without a nap; he ended up having to take a nap mid-party. Poor kid! Too much excitement. It was such a fun time!!

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It’s nothing but a Minion party, party

(sung to the beat of “ganster party” if you know that song lol)


I have been so CRAZY, MANIC busy! My baby’s second birthday party is tomorrow! I have been busy designing, cutting, wrapping and constructing various Despicable Me minion related party decorations. I just wrapped 40 mini candy bars and have a bunch of eyes to cut out for balloons and other decorations. Tonight I will be building an army of minion cupcakes and a cake. Then stuffing goodie bags with fun fun stuff!

I wish I could post a pic of some stuff I’ve got done so far but I can’t get my pics off my phone at the moment! I’ll post all kinds of fun stuff when I’m done. Let me just give a shout out to all you Pinterest lovers posting your minion love. I got some FaBuLoUs ideas!

Man I am so excited to share so here is a little something. We’re doing Pin the Eye on the Minion. Here is the eye!ImageHaha! When I printed it out and cut it the entire eye covers my face! We have a rather large minion to pin to.