According to Webster’s Dictionary

My husband says I have issues. I’m not arguing with that. I take something for anxiety but it only does just enough to curb my constant thoughts and jubilee over the next great thing I have discovered. i used to wonder if I were AD/HD or something like my oldest son, but I can actually focus and get things done even throughout interruption. But manic, now that’s a word that truly describes me.

manic |ˈmanik|


showing wild and apparently deranged excitement and energy : his manic enthusiasm | a manic grin.

• frenetically busy; frantic : the pace is utterly manic.

• Psychiatry relating to or affected by mania : the manic interludes in depression.

I am certainly frenetically busy. And often deranged. Mostly about what I think I can accomplish in a certain amount of time and trying to multitask the crap out of things. At the moment, I’m very excited in trying to organize my thoughts and the various projects that I’m doing that I’ll write all that I can about this current state. But honestly, there may come a day where I might just stop writing. Let’s not hope for that.