Shrinky Dinkin’

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Ours was pretty eventful.

We got a major snowfall – 24.5″! It set a record in our area. Then, it rained Christmas Eve and the snow melted and we had a Christmas Day flood at my in-laws. My little son said he could wait to open presents as my family scrambled around to get the flood stuff done. This wasn’t a crazy big flood like ones in the past. It was a few inches in the basement. “Enough to make a mess.” was the family sentiment. We’ll be on alert over the winter with the snow melt and any rain since that is what makes the floods at my family’s. It could have been worse.

As for Christmas itself, I didn’t make near the amount of things I usually do for my family. I made several of those pocket shawls and they take a heck of a lot of time. I made my parents keychains. A little cheesy but I also wrote my dad a letter just thanking him and telling him how much I loved him. Over the years, my dad hasn’t been able to travel because he always worked an my mom would come visit. I’m so bummed that he didn’t come for my son’s birth however, I know why. Anyway, I made a few sets of these keychains. The first set were huge! like half a sheet of paper each and they didn’t fare well shrinking down. Then I realized they were not cut square. I’m not sure how I managed that since my cutter usually is pretty accurate. The final set I got the right size I wanted except for the keychain hole. It’s pretty big. Someone in my one crafting group said I could have used a regular hole punch. I know now for next time. I sprayed these with Valspar clear coat to “waterproof” them. I hope they wear well. I backed them with a white, matte sticker paper. The graphics I got from Shutterstock and somewhere else. I can’t remember.

My mom didn’t really find hers as amusing as I did. “Warning” threw her off. And then I think she felt some kind of way that I didn’t write her a letter. My mother usually makes us something for Christmas. Every year I can remember some handmade gift and my sister and I like to follow that tradition. My sister made me an embroidered washcloth. It was cute. My mom made a quilt. My favorite Disney character is Rapunzel. We went to Disney in 2017 and this was the commemorative piece. My mom is Ariel. Snow White is my youngest sister. Tiana is my brother’s girlfriend and Jasmise, Mulan and Belle are my neices.

Family wise there were so happenings. I called my birth mother and grandmother. It was quite emotional. My grandfather passed away from complications from Covid and pneumonia. My grandmother had Covid as well and she fared better in health but shell-shocked with my grandfather’s passing. We’ve had a lot of family and friends with exposure to Covid, including my boss. Our city was on the top 20 list of highest exposures. So much illness. I hope this passes sooner than later.

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