Mo’ & Mo’ Brochures

Only 380 of 500 brochures to go. I was running two printers but I ran out of toner for one so now I have a lone printer crank in’ away slowly. I was sure that I had another ūüė¶ Tomorrow we will be stapling them together.

Here is the one I put together to ensure correct layout.

I think I lost count of the pages I had printed so far…oh well! I guess there will be extras lol

While I am waiting between print batches, I am watching American Greed and knitting on my drop stitch poncho wrap thing. I was at a concert last week and a woman’s knit poncho caught my eye. It was drapey and lacy and all in garter with side tassels. So easy! I have started one for a friend.

I hope I like it when I am done. 

I think I hear the printer needing a paper re-up…I hope I don’t fall asleep before I am finished!


Application for a knitting job

Hello!Just for fun I looked up knitting jobs and lo and behold, here one is! I am totally stoked for the opportunity to knit for a company other than my personal projects or for gifts. I have taken on some commissioned work of various skill in the last few years. In addition to knitting, I also crochet and have a wide passion for handicrafts and other creative endeavors. This year I have had the pleasure of working on a fiber festival board committee building the website, flyer and program and will be a participating vendor later this May.

Even if I am not considered for a chance to work with your company, my heart and soul have been uplifted in knowing there is a possibility that one day I may be able to really pursue my dream of being a stay at home knitter, ahem, mom. Just this week, I also bought my first little knitting machine to check out if I would like it as much as hand knitting.

Thank you very much for this wonderful posting!

Rhianna Speck

Samples of my work 

1 – A gauge swatch, knit for a cabled hooded cowl, Cascade Eco Wool, chincky weight

2 – Teapot cosy – a commissioned piece I knit without a pattern inspired by several other patterns, an acrylic yarn in worsted weight

3 – Monster bum pants – toddler-sized, this was a fun project learning short rows! Caron Simply soft

Work, Work, work, work…

This is not the Rihanna song although I do feel like all I have been doing is working!

Lots of freelance, lots of regular work, but not enough fiber time except for fiber festival planning! We are coming down to the wire and this week I have our program book to layout and print 500 copies. We have a night planned for booklet assembling. We’re a bit poor right now because this year started from the ground up with a new panel and set up. I am still so excited! My first fiber festival and I get to be a part of it. I’ve been involved in planning a couple large conferences and just love seeing events come together.

We have a new client at work and was working out some logo ideas. This is part of my first round. I love the colors. Hopefully we hear sooner than later for feedback.

I totally forgot to take a picture of a cool event invitation that I just loved doing in the retro Great Gatsby style. I’ll remember to take a pic to show it off. These kind of projects really solidify why I love doing what I do.

My son brought home one of his friend’s pottery pieces that’s pretty awesome.

It wasn’t hard to see what I was going to use it for! I have always wanted a yarn bowl and have seen some breathtaking pottery but with my lil guy having wandering hands, I couldn’t bear to have one out for little fingers to accidentally bump. We have carpet but you know what could go wrong…I love this little yarn ball, I hand wound it. I find winding skeins to be relaxing. This is my little basket of hand wound balls. That was a project in of itself.

It’s about to be craft show season and I’m at a loss of whether I am gonna take a break from soap and maybe try my hand at something different, more of what my profession is. I’ve been researching other online markets since my boot from the mother of all handmade market sites. I signed up for a couple but haven’t really done anything with them. What sites have you heard of to have good results? Aftrca, Zibbet, Artfire… So many choices!

Spring into Action!

I am so darn happy that Spring has arrived! I had quite a concern with all the snow coming down that we were in for an additional six weeks! And then I was hunting for my crocus to start sprouting yet none in site, I did think the squirrels dug up my bulbs and scurried them away for snackage! But they are up and so are all the early spring bulbs. I can even see the greenery coming in on my lilac tree. 

Now that the weather is warming, I am starting to feel the urge to really do things. Lots of craftiness starting to flow. 

Birthday shirts for a dedicated client.

Bunny slippers!!!

I worked all day on other shirts for the local taco truck. I love the backs saying I love tacos or tamales. I so do love tacos AND tamales!! I’ve been in the mood for Mexican  all week. 

Still in the works are the army tank slippers and the unicorns. I swear I am not undertaking such projects for awhile. I lose interest when things start to get tedious. 

Fun items I acquired! A set of purple pens!! These are from and oh how I love the variet.  I don’t remember sharing these with you all. What is interesting is that the pen I love from this set is a pen I write every day with that I got at the store.

I am starting to drift to sleep…hope everyone is enjoying the change in season!

Fussy Cutting & Other Fun Projects

I have been way overdue on many projects and last night I found myself trying to finish one up for this weekend. I realize that I am long past the procrastination stage. Blah, I blame it on my meds. Some of my spark has been diminished; the manic has been dialed down to almost nil. And this, so many things that need done and I have yet to start some.

I sorely underestimated supplies and scrambled to find solutions. Thankfully, a friend of mine is bailing me out. But while that was going on I had to hand cut things out aka “fussy” cut. Even though I own a cutting machine, I don’t trust it to cut things out. Way too much error involved when one has limited supplies and a deadline. But I feel that I am an excellent cutter! Check out my little characters.

These are going on a Birthday shirt. Cute, huh? They are from the PJ Masks show…I have yet to watch it or know anything about it. I am sure my 5 year old could tell me. 

I have been steadily working on a unicorn stuffie. I have a whole body done and now need hair and other small details. 

My little guy was a bit horrified that a naked unicorn was lying about the house. poor unicorn! She is gonna be a pretty one. I bought this “Sweet Unicorn” pattern off Etsy from Marina Chuchkalova. It is an easy patter, the only hard thing is keeping the counts right. I had to rip back a few times when connecting the legs and starting the body. This is made with DK weight and so it feels tedious with the small stitches and small hook. There’s a part where to attach the arms with safety eyes but even after using them I had to see the arms a bit more securely. Children a bit rowdy and I don’t want an amputee unicorn coming back to me.

If you remember awhile back, I designed the logo for a local yarn festival and was also asked to join the board since someone had to step down. I am super stoked to be a part of this event! I made this flyer so if you are in the area or know anyone who would be interested in coming or being a vendor, please share! I will be a vendor with my soaps!

Oooo! A big project I have been a part of is a food truck wrap! I can’t wait to see a pic of the final result. I had gathered all the elements and sent them off to the printer and hopefully, we get to see it soon. 

There are so many more projects in my list. I am going to be illustrating a shirt for my husband’s aunt’s travel group…”Old Ladies Gone Wild”…should prove to be interesting. Baby sundresses, lots of other shirts. I need a good chunk of time off. Even with the massive snow day the other day, I still had a lot of work to do for my day job.

This was my back yard measure. We got just under 18″ when it was all done. My boys were off school two days.

My poor dog didn’t know what to do and this is her element!

My backyard is pretty! But I am so ready for spring!! Who’s’ with me!!

The Thief of Joy

I applied for a job a couple months ago. I didn’t really think I would get it but it was like a punch in the gut hearing from someone who worked there that it was noted on my application that I didn’t have enough experience. Regardless of what experience I do have and try to justify my position, I really took it to heart and translated it as “You’re not good enough.”

Rarely am I thrown off my square and feel it so deeply. My dreams were especially infiltrated. My beloved Jeep was stolen in my dream and I had another dream that I was driving erratically from the back seat. Usually I don’t remember my dreams so vividly. When I looked up the translations (There’s gotta be some truth to it!) they both indicated my insecurities about my identity and path in life. Whoa.

Seems like I need a bit of an overhaul in the confidence and self-esteem department.

I have several “self-help” books that I have collected or been gifted over the years. One is about excavating your true self, one is about living a more simple life and another about growing. These are the three I am currently reading sporadically. It seems to me that when I am in a rut about myself, I read them more often. The growth one is what I have been reading more of, “The 15¬†Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential”.

But what potential? Whose thought of potential? Mine or others? I suppose it doesn’t really matter as long as I am moving in growing as a person. And in that growth, I am reminded that I am my own person, on her own path. The quote about comparison came up because I forgot that in a moment of indignation and jealousy/envy. Oh, how delicate a psyche is.

Anyway, I am gonna buck up and keep growing.

Speaking of growing, I have had a lot of projects in my queue that I have completed. Baby onesies, which are my faves to do, and some other odds and ends. I have a big sign decal to do for a local non-profit a friend brought to me and will be designing new shirts for a local food truck business. I am knitting a baby headband that I haven’t quite got the join¬†satisfactory. I have knit this thing three times already. What are your favorite knit joins?


I was organizing my stash and came across a bunch of started washcloths in my cottons so I decided to finish some off. Here is one that has that color pooling affect that people were just raving about. It looks sorta like an angry face lol! I love this stitch, the linen stitch, in crochet. I’m working on mastering it in my knits. The texture is just lovely!


This was the first headband I had attempted. I tried to block the stockinette but acrylic just doesn’t really take to blocking. Like my makeshift blocking board? I thought I had a foam square somewhere from the kids’ playstuff. Apparently not. I will have to invest.

Anyway, it has taken me allllll day to finally get something down and so I shall conclude with this. Stay tuned for a finished headband lol! Have a great rest of the day.

Out with the Old, In with Nothing New

My birth month is almost over. It has been a mix of exciting and domestic. My hubs and I went to the casino! I have never been and after his stories of Vegas, I wanted to check one out. And he told me about great food he had and I was dying to go to a Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It was delish!

Somehow I forgot to take a photo of my steak. I was beside myself with excitement!

Let me just say, I am a terrible gambler. I even listened to everyone at the table and managed to lose a couple hundred dollars. Thankfully, my husband had the foresight to take our initial monies aside after winning them. And the casino even gave me $10 for signing up for their “Player’s Club” and it only took me an hour to lose. I did win some off that but played it all and have definitely realized I am not a gambler and like to hold on the the real money I worked hard for.

Speaking of work, we have spent the last two weekends cleaning out our house, specifically the basement and kitchen. After watching a documentary on Nextflix, “Minimalism”, I promptly started looking around and wanted to throw it all away! The whole “if it doesn’t bring you joy” mantra. Lots of hours of work and reminiscing. It has only taken us 8 years to get to get to going through all our stuffs. After the whole clean out, I silently vowed to not by anything more unless it brings me absolute joy.

I even had a half-notion to (gasp) part with some of my yarn stash. Partly to get nicer, luxe yarn and partly because I have – dare I say it!?! – so much yarn with more offers from my lady friends to give me their stashes. Should I make room? The yarn closet overfloweth.

I did go to my LYS. A friend of mine wanted a scarf that was soft and I wanted to make it out of nicey, nice yarn so I bought some Cascade 220 in Aran weight. It is so plush! I found out it was on sale because she is going out of business. Sad, sad. However, yay for me because I will be going back with more cash and buy more yarn. Hence, the thought of parting my some of my stash.

Reasonable idea right?!

Oh, so fun night! My oldest went to his first formal! When did he grown up from my little boy into this young man!!

My little guy did something fun as well. We got crafty together! He had a school project to make a snowman and that is just what we did. He put some great embellishments. Doesn’t he look pleased? He was so patient while I was sewing all the pieces together.

Well, that’s enough for now. Hope you are bringing in the new year with gusto!