Life as we know it

It is amazing that life has drastically changed in a matter of weeks. I truly hope that people take this COVID-19 business more seriously. I know that there are so many important issues all over but this one is just at the forefront. 😦

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated this blog. My life is certainly much different than last year at this time. In fact, I didn’t write anything here in 2019. I had a quite dramatic year. In May, I was let go from my day job. It was something that I had expected. I messed some things up and I don’t fault them for letting me go. My head just wasn’t in working at the time. I had such an emotional upheaval for most of 2018 to mid-2019 dealing with my oldest son.

Sooooooo…you would think that I would have so much time to write! However, I had a lot of things to get in order and figure out a way to get work. My youngest son was ecstatic because that meant spending more time with him, which I have definitely been able to do a lot more volunteering at his school. It has been a lot of fun.

You would even think that I would have accomplished more knitting and yarny things. I really haven’t. I did learn how to weave! I’ve only woven two things LOL I even bought a vintage Milton Bradley loom and have yet to warp it. I will eventually.

What did I do? I set up my portfolio. You can check it out here. I’ve done a LOT of volunteer work. I’ve never felt more satisfied in my life! I got a part-time job. And I’ve just taken it slower. My life is still busy but now I’m not so manic with getting things done. I started taking meds that I have finally been able to commit to and get myself together. I used to be so worried that if I took the meds that my spark would be gone and while that bit of edginess I felt was so endearing is gone, I’ve actually been able to get a bit more grounded and productive.

And speaking of productive, I’ve been churning out these little dragons. This pattern is by dsgnGirl. Super easy to whip these up. I got the eyes from They really make the difference in the details for the eyes. I’ve made about 15 of them in the last week. I think my only issue about making any kind of stuffie amigurumi is sewing all the parts together. Even my little guy had a special request for colors.


Well, I have some other stuff to do. Just wanted to do a little update. I’ll be back (hopefully soon) to chat about some of the fun work I’ve done! Especially the safari company projects I’ve worked on.

Be well!


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