Aww! I’m always tickled purple when people like the stuff I post here and then give out awards! I find crafting quite gratifying in itself but to share that is immeasurable as is getting feedback from such efforts. You are so awesome! So a big shout out to Tracee at Heartmade. I love her cute stuff 🙂 She nominated me for the Liebster Award.


The rules:

1. Link to the person who nominated you

2. Answer their questions

3. Nominate new blogs for the award

4. Ask them 10 new questions

5. Let the nominees know they have been nominated


The questions she asked:

1. Why do you blog? To share my delight and adventures in my manic crafting world

2. How many blogs do you follow? oh my, a lot. I read about a dozen of them in email each day but I can’t figure out how to edit it just yet or else I would read more. I try to keep up!

3. What’s your favorite meal? Mac and cheeeeeese (yes, that much cheese)

4. What is your favorite music and/or entertainer? I like to listen to Hip Hop, Pop, and Rap. My fave entertainer is Justin Timberlake.

5. What can you absolutely not live without? I don’t think there is anything that I couldn’t live without other than my family. 

6. Where would you love to travel to and stay for a month? I would LOVE to travel to Europe! Anywhere Mediterranean. 

7. If money were no object, what dream would you fulfill? to give homes and food to everyone.

8. What is your most prized possession? After thinking about this, I realize I don’t have one…As my life goes on and I find more purpose, attachment to things has lessened. I love to have stuff yet I don’t need to. I would have to say the my life is my most prized thing however I really don’t possess it…

9. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas! It’s the only time of year where our family is all one!

10. Any advice for new bloggers? Keep on bloggin’. Find your passion. 

My Nomineeees are:

Nice Piece of work
About Crochet
Stitch and Purl

I didn’t see a number and I want to get this post out so there is my list. Currently, I’m loving all things yarn so that is what I’ve been following a lot of. I have so many new things to try out!

My questions for them:
1. What is something you would like to do other than what you do in your spare time?
2. List maker or wing it?
3. If you could do one thing perfectly, what would it be?
4. What’s the theme song of your life?
5. You can’t start your day without….?
6. Facebook? Myspace? LinkedIn? 
7. What’s one thing in the world would you want to improve?
8. Apple or Android?
9. Favorite quote:
10. Do you have any interesting collections?

That’s all I got for now, folks! I’m running around like a mad woman getting things done for my friend who went to a nursing home last week. We’re talking care of his dogs and the coordination of that is a lot! I’m trying to find them a foster home for now but it’s proving to be difficult placing two large dogs together. I don’t want to take them to a shelter; however, that might be a real eventuality.