I’m on a spending lock down. *sigh* It’s my own fault. I bought something with my credit card, the credit card that I was supposed to be paying off and told my hubs that I was almost done doing so. Then I ran it up again. Now, let me just say, that when I run it up, by no means am I talking like oodles of money. Just a couple hundred. Although, some times a couple hundred is oodles. My intentions were to buy this machine as an investment and upgrade of the machine I had. In my mind, I am going to make all the money back with all my crafting and freelancing. I have made almost enough to pay off my card, Yay me!

However, now I can’t buy other things! Things I “need”. Like yarn. I do need yarn! How can I complete orders without getting more yarn for things that people want?! And then the hubs says don’t take orders for things I don’t have supplies on hand for. Which I partially agree with however, some things are just specialized that I don’t carry certain yarns. Such as this absolutely adorables owl hat I’m currently working on.


I don’t keep fluffy yarn around but after this little cutie is finished, I might have to! I had bought one skein and it was just a little too fluffy to work with so I bought something just a little less fluffy. And it is SOOO fluffy still! I feel like laying my head on this little cloud of a dream hat. Anyway, more about this little hat later! She’ll be done tomorrow!

Back to the craft supply embargo.

I have tons of supplies. I know this. I need to move some of this inventory but I’m a craft hoarder, I’m sure many of you understand this. When I started my crafting as a kid, never did I think I would have an entire bedroom devoted to my crafting whims, let alone have a husband who would understand such things. He does and yet he doesn’t. He sees that sometimes I spend with wonton abandon. I’m supposed to be making money. His solution is for me to stop spending every nickel that comes in and divide the proceeds. Some of it goes to the household purse and some (the smallest some) goes back into the crafting and my business. I like to think that I’m just reinvesting everything now for a bigger payoff later. Makes sense, right? Right!

So now, I need to justify all my spending and do it minimally. That means less visits to A.C. Moore’s, Michael’s and Joann’s. And less visiting ebay, amazon and other discount places. It doesn’t matter if I get things at a bargain. Sadness. It’s such a hard thing to do. I must resist the temptations! Have you ever fallen into this? How does one cope! And the holidays are coming up so I want to buy some awesome holiday things!  

ohhhh! I hate when I get myself in these jams.