Who’s Craptastic today???? SPOILER ALERT: POO INVOLVED!

I am! 

This has been an up and down kind of week. The run down:

Monday: My dearest friend was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. I was with him and another friend there from 5-11 without news of his future. He is currently living and being treated for stage 4 lung cancer.

Tuesday: He had an MRI that indicated he suffered a massive stroke. He was unresponsive. He couldn’t really speak for the last few months due to the radiation treatment paralyzing his vocal cords. I have NO idea what is suppose to happen next. 

Wednesday: My mother in law was ill so I stayed home with my toddler. Not too shabby of a day. Didn’t get anything done at the house but a nice nap with my baby. My friend also was more alert today. It was determined he would have to go to a nursing home. Sadness.

Thursday: Things are looking up! My friend has finally showed he was alive and kickin’. He was joking and writing notes to us. He had a stream of visitors and people volunteered to care for his 4 animals so that takes a huge weight off my shoulders. We already have a large dog and I was prepared to move them in even if we don’t have room. I couldn’t bear the thought of them going to the SPCA. I love them so. And we even found a nursing home that is animal friendly so the dogs can visit.

Friday: My little one woke up at 5 a.m. and I thought he just couldn’t find his binky in the dark. But we found it and he still needed cuddling and was very upset and restless. I get him around for the day and then get myself around. We’re running smoothly right up to the point where we are about to walk out the door and I can smell poo…He’s standing on the steps and he has poo’d himself all the way down his pant leg, flowing over his little sneaker. Ohh…my poor little guy. He is super freaked out about touching his own poo and he is about to cry.

We asked him if he feels okay and he gives a feeble uh-huh. So we clean him up, into the bath tub and dressed again in a matter of minutes. NEVER have we been so efficient at changing our child. The time is looming that we are going to be late to work. 

Next thing I know, we see a trail of poo all through the living room. Around the coffee table. All over his beloved blankie. It dawns on me that we used the last of the carpet cleaning when the cat puked. 

What to do, what to do.

Thankfully, I have some animal carpet spot remover stuff. I’m on my hands and knees feverishly scrubbing away the trail of diaper horrors hoping that I don’t imbed the smell and stain in our pale, pale, powder blue carpet. Seriously, at the moment questioning the previous owners judgement on their choice and wonder why the hell didn’t we put other stuff in sooner!

I’ve not ever felt like I needed a relief to sit down at my desk at work and be done with the whole mess as I did this morning. I know what my weekend is entailing now. Lots of shampooing. Thankfully, my flooring friend is coming over to measure for our kitchen flooring and I can have him measure for new carpet. Happy Mother’s Day to me!