I’ve had a few projects this week on top of my regular workload that I’ve had the pleasure of working on. A friend of mine posted on Pinterest the oh so popular baby cowboy boots by The Lovely Crow and wanted to know if I could make them for her. I’ve made booties before but this was a bit more than I’ve made so I bought the pattern. It’s the first paid pattern for me and just perfect. I made a test run before I go forth with the pair for her baby girl due in July.


Also, I was pimped out for this super cute batman crochet outfit. It’s based on Calleigh’s Clips pattern and super adorables! The little bat applique is a mod from Louie’s Loops.

IMG_7169 IMG_7168 IMG_7167

Up next is my friend, Autumn’s tie dyes, Willow Spirit Wear. I did her logo and then put it on her shirts. There’s a little W on the back of the shirts tagged low on the hem.


And then a lady asked if I could put this on a shirt from her. It’s not my design. It’s one of those Teespring designs.



And finally, a design of a quote another friend of mine wanted. I love this saying. 🙂

Well, as you can see, I’ve been uber – busy now that my craftshow is over. It wasn’t too bad, but I was a smidge disappointed there were 4 other soap maker’s there. I do think once I’m going to attempt a show with my yarnwear. Thoughts?




To start things off:

1. Frozeny goat’s milk for soaping
2. My soaping table/room
3. Earth Mama-before cut 4. Earth Mama-top planed (oooo aaaahhh)
5. Citrus Tea Tree 6. Citrus Tea Tree slices-the swirls are sooo awesome!
7. Lumberjack 8. Lumberjack before planing
9. And FINALLLLY! Earth Mama slices

IMG_7086 IMG_7088 IMG_7089 IMG_7090 IMG_7095 IMG_7094 IMG_7093 IMG_7092 IMG_7091

Productive Production!

I’m on the wire here for one of the biggest craft shows of the summer and I’m totallllly low on soap. This weekend I went full force into production with some staples and a two new seasonal soaps. I hate being crunched on time like this but really didn’t have much opportunity to get things done with relaxing and my other business. Throw in my “real” job (that always gets in the way of what I really want to be doing) and then spending quality time with the family, and other house-ly duties, soaping hasn’t been able to be a priority.

Now I hear all the time about priorities in our home and my husband really could care less at the moment if soap gets made, up until the point there isn’t any in the shower or any in the closet. Convenient. I told him a week in advance that soap. must. Get. MADE…Upcoming show and I need time to package everything! It can be daunting; especially when I’m a one-woman soap show now. B.D (before Derek) we would soap until the wee hours of the morning. Blissful in our teamwork. really wasn’t blissful because we have different work styles. I’m the creative genius (I like to think) and there is a madness in my workflow. He is the methodical engineer, with his thoughts all streamlined. It’s an interesting work relationship, to say the least. And 2 a.m. puts a strain on a loving relationship when work is involved.

Which leads to some great ideas for new soap. Persona soaps, I would call them. Lumberjack and Earth Mama. Soaps that make me think of me and my love. They are by far the most complex scented soaps I have made thus far, I believe. And Earth Mama is one of the most colorful ones I have made. I hope the colors do come out. Lavender, a rosey pink, moss green and a bit of natural soap color…Lumberjack is a blend of lichen, cedar, and fir needle. Ooo woodsy with a slightly sweet undertone. What a delish man-scent. And Earth Mama is the compliment with lichen, ylang ylang, lavandin, orange and may chang. Oh, it is so lovely. I cut these tonight along with 3 other batches and 2 more batches of soap to make. Then there are 2 more batches after that to make…

The downside to all the soap is packaging all of it. This will be 100 bars of soap or so. And that’s even not really at full stock! The upside is that my house smells fabulous. Pretty much all the time. I love it. These two lovelies were spring soaps: Herb Garden and Fresh Day.




I just love the colors of these. And see that lovely layer of calendula. Ahh this is such a soothing soap! More soap porn tomorrow!


Side Door Soaps presents a How to make Soap demo!

Side Door Soaps presents a How to make Soap demo!

I’ve been busy the last couple days trying to get stuff around for our first ever soap demonstration at our friends’ shop, Lazy Meadow Alpacas. They have been so supportive of us being the first store to host our stuff when they opened up shop a couple years ago and this weekend is their October Fiber Fest. OH YES! Did I ever mention that they mill their own yarn!! And others as well. I love going to their shop just to go gaga over the yarn.

In any case, I was delighted when Mike asked me to think about showing how to make soap. Now, I was concerned that the growing trend of hand made soap is crowding the area but I suppose everyone needs some healthy competition. We’re working on our marketing at the moment.  I’m not saying we’re gonna be the next Burt’s Bees but who knows? I know that I love to make soap and I’d love for it to sustain my family other than in my personal shower.

I’ve got lots of hat making and what not going on with my orders and hopefully, I’ll be getting some freebie printables and the video of the soap tutorial up next week! I’m feeling so productive 😀

Craft Showing

This year has been a little slow on the soap sales. A couple major shows were missed because of family obligations and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get more show time in. A couple have been a let down for business. At one show I didn’t sell a single bar of soap yet sold lots of lotions and lip balms. How’s that for a soap company!

That being said, that means production is down also. Last year’s tally had me making soap every other weekend. Soap was plentiful as were sales. Yet this year, we’ve hit a major lull. Our regulars do keep buying soap and I keep up on the popular blends. I come out with a couple new scents for the seasons. There was an over haul on the branding side and revamping of the product sizing and pricing. Soap is still slow selling. Business is waning for all kinds of reasons.

Today’s show had many direct sales vendors. There were about 18 of us and 4 of the vendor spots were handmade/crafted things. Next to my natural handmade soapstuff was a “natural” direct sales personal care line. I didn’t have much hope there. People love that spa stuff. I read the ingredients and without going into a tirade, suffice it to say that in no way do I believe that Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate will ever be “natural” to me. I like my skin and choose to treat it as good as I can with out junking it up with a chemical assault. Moving on…

I’m just bummed that soap isn’t selling. I know that handmade natural soap is not a necessity in people’s lives like it is for ours. I just need to branch out more I suppose.

That being said (shameless plug) find our soap on facebook: and to peruse the soap to order online:

I’m trying to grow my business. 😀 Thanks for listening