It’s beginning to…

Look like way too much to do!

I’ve been thinking a lot about simplifying my life and reducing the amount of commitments I’m involved in. This is very hard to consider because I truly love my volunteer and mentorship relationships. However, now that our little guy is in a very family-involved school, it’s been more difficult to get everything done with personal projects, freelance work and physical well-being. I went to yoga for the first time in probably a year and it’s been sporadic, at best, in my home practice.

As for freelance work, I’ve had several new clients and current clients bring me projects and I love the creative break that it grants me away from my day job. I like diversity. My head is always spinning with new creative endeavors that I wish I had more time for.

How do I get more time!?

Since starting with the new school, we’ve been very involved. There are fun events that brings everyone together. This past month was Feast Day – our Thanksgiving celebration. Last night we had a trolley ride to our local Christmas light area called Candy Cane Lane. It was so fun! And I’m also involved with the committee to develop a new logo for our new vision statement. It’s been fun so far.

As for some personal projects, I’ve completed another pair of rainbow crocodile booties. I’ve been working on some elfin booties as well for the last two weeks. I had looked at several patterns and pictures to finally settle on ones I like.

Now I have to do the second one lol. This is the most holiday I’ve gotten so far. We have yet to put up decorations aside from a wreath and I think we are going for our tree next week. I haven’t figured out our holiday cards yet either! I’m so behind. I did buy one present so far.

I’ve done a couple holiday shows and have one more to go. The last show I sold 5 bars of soap but almost all the lotion. Quite interesting! I will be selling soap as much as possible to start the year fresh!

This last week was quite emotional. My eldest son went to the ER because of a seizure scare. Thankfully, he did not have a seizure according to his dr. More like a stressed induced event. He hasn’t been taking the greatest care of himself and his girlfriend might be pregnant and moving. He is under a lot of stress. We were all very scared.

I can’t believe that we are in the last month of the year already. My birthday will be here before I know it. I will be perpetually 39 now. 😉