I don’t know if it’s the turn of the weather, my oldest son’s upcoming birthday, work or what but I’m feeling so down. I hate feeling depressed especially when I do my best to combat it. There’s only so much sometimes though I can do to not go through what I’ve always gone through. Some years, I’m really better. Other times, I go months feeling that I’m in a rut.

Rut rut rut…

It’s officially knitting season again and I’m pushing myself to knit. Maybe this will cheer me up.

Unicornia Mania

A few of my unicorn highlights this week.

Legging my mother-in-law found for me.

At the Scholastic Book Fair:

The topper of a lovey I have yet to finish:

My new phone background. I found this on Pinterest but I didn’t save the link for some reason.

Just wanted to share some magic. I needed a little bit to start the week.