My birthday was Monday. Once there was a time I didn’t think of living past my 20s and now here I am cruising toward 40. Life is vastly different and I really have no complaints, well, other than wishing I won the lottery and can retire sooner than later. One can dream.

The end of 2017 went well. We spent 10 days in Florida touring Disney World and Universal Studios as well as visited the Kennedy Space Center. Loads of fun and loads of moolah later, suffice it to say it was the trip of a lifetime. My boys definitely enjoyed themselves. If you’ve never been to Disney World my number one tip is to go in the off season, if there is such a thing. Be prepared for the crowd of all crowds. I have to a of pics but that can be another day.

The New Year came in and I dreaded heading back to work after not being there for two weeks. Oh, the agony! While I missed my coworkers, I don’t miss the grind of getting up and driving to work. And I even like my job!

We went roller skating for my birthday. I have a friend who celebrates the same day and we like to do things together. Let me just say that roller skating tells you how how your body really feels. Although, I’m not in as terrible shape as I thought. Just the tops of my thighs hurt surprisingly after I hit the floor a few times on my back and bottom. I even managed to split my pants doing the Limbo. Fun fun.

I did manage to complete a few projects so far for this first week of the year! Three headbands. One I gifted to my birthday twinsie and didn’t get a photo and the other two I have yet to snap pics of. I am almost done with a cute unicorn lovey for my aunt.

It’s so cute!

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