Tis the Season

For being way too busy. I mean, really. Who has time these days? Not I, yet, that’s always my case.

This year I suppose I accomplished what I intended. Be on the internet less. With that, I feel like I have missed opportunity to connect with some people but have had more time spending it those I’m actually present with. Win for them.

It’s been a tough year. I shared some of the heartache and I don’t know if that situation will entirely be behind us. We keep on trucking.

I made stuff. Not as much as previous years. Different kinds of stuff. My yarn stash hasn’t dwindled any. In fact, it has grown significantly in the premium yarn department. I figured I might as well buy some nice stuff for me. I think I’m going to sell off a lot of the others. But really, who am I kidding.

I decided I want to pursue a degree in fashion/textile design. All these knitting job postings has persuaded me to check out how fabric is made and maybe one day be in that field professionally. It’s kinda exciting!! I can use my design degree in a way I didn’t think of before. I was inspired by Spoonflower. Have you heard of them? They print custom fabric! Fascinating.

Anyway, I just wanted to put some thoughts down before the year closes and hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving if you recognize that holiday and hope the Christmas / New Year season treats you well! Cheers!

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