Mo’ & Mo’ Brochures

Only 380 of 500 brochures to go. I was running two printers but I ran out of toner for one so now I have a lone printer crank in’ away slowly. I was sure that I had another 😦 Tomorrow we will be stapling them together.

Here is the one I put together to ensure correct layout.

I think I lost count of the pages I had printed so far…oh well! I guess there will be extras lol

While I am waiting between print batches, I am watching American Greed and knitting on my drop stitch poncho wrap thing. I was at a concert last week and a woman’s knit poncho caught my eye. It was drapey and lacy and all in garter with side tassels. So easy! I have started one for a friend.

I hope I like it when I am done. 

I think I hear the printer needing a paper re-up…I hope I don’t fall asleep before I am finished!

2 thoughts on “Mo’ & Mo’ Brochures

    • craftmanicmommy says:

      I have some Epsons that are large format but the two I ran last night are HPs, so not really special. I did a lot of research for my laserjet though to make sure it could handle the printing I wanted to do. The inkjets are hit or miss though with quality and ink usage. Ink is expensive! Lol

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