Application for a knitting job

Hello!Just for fun I looked up knitting jobs and lo and behold, here one is! I am totally stoked for the opportunity to knit for a company other than my personal projects or for gifts. I have taken on some commissioned work of various skill in the last few years. In addition to knitting, I also crochet and have a wide passion for handicrafts and other creative endeavors. This year I have had the pleasure of working on a fiber festival board committee building the website, flyer and program and will be a participating vendor later this May.

Even if I am not considered for a chance to work with your company, my heart and soul have been uplifted in knowing there is a possibility that one day I may be able to really pursue my dream of being a stay at home knitter, ahem, mom. Just this week, I also bought my first little knitting machine to check out if I would like it as much as hand knitting.

Thank you very much for this wonderful posting!

Rhianna Speck

Samples of my work 

1 – A gauge swatch, knit for a cabled hooded cowl, Cascade Eco Wool, chincky weight

2 – Teapot cosy – a commissioned piece I knit without a pattern inspired by several other patterns, an acrylic yarn in worsted weight

3 – Monster bum pants – toddler-sized, this was a fun project learning short rows! Caron Simply soft

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