At work we are having a luncheon and having a penny drive for the local rape crisis center this week. Our design team planned some awesome representation. I blinged out our coffee can!

We also have tie dye shirts with the logo on it (logo designed by my one coworker). The tie dyes were procured by our boss.

I can’t wait til we roll in all matchie!

I was glittering last night about midnight and things got a bit sparkly all over the place. I hope my hubs doesn’t notice his feet are gonna glint for a few weeks til I can get all the glitter up from the carpet.

So this past week I attended and vended at my first ever Fiber Festival! As you may have been reading about my contributions design wise and now about my attendance!

It was so glorious! So. Many. Choices. This was a very small show with about 35ish vendors, so not everyone was as enthused as I was especially because foot traffic and sales were light for a two day show. I was the only actual soap vendor but lots of others were selling soap, like felted soap.

I finally had made my buying choices Sunday. The first items I purchased was some pickled asparagus and herbed mushrooms for my hubs from the Forking Spoon. This was her second show ever. She was delightful. I think she did very well. The second item was a project bag from Pandia’s Jewels/Suburban Stitcher. Llamacorns! Totally adorbs! The Suburban Stitcher designed this fabric. She told me there is only one other bag in existence and she has it. So I have a exclusive bag 😉

Then I bought yarn from The Fiberists. These guys were so cool! Spencer (?) and Reggie are from Northern Virginia (a place dear to my heart because I grew up there mostly). And they are relatively new to the Indie yarn dying scene. Their color ways are just beautiful. I love their bold and vibrant choices. I bough common grape in worsted and azurite in bulky in merino. They are gloriously squishy and just so lovely! The azurite will be a hat for my hubs and I am not sure what I am making for myself with the other…

Oh! So what I actually bought first were Chinese auction tickets! I donated some soap, essential oils/necklace and made some stitch markers. I forgot to take a pic of the set but here were a couple of my first attempts. Is it me or do you think that jump rings just don’t seem to be substantial? I kept thinking they will not hold together well.

With my tickets I won a hank of merino yarn from Mad About Ewes and a needle felting kit from Grandview Farm. Squeeeee!

All in all, great scores for the weekend! I had brought my little guy with me since my hubs was out of town working and the vendor next to us had a little boy about a year older and they had a grand time together. So everything worked out pretty well.

Mo’ & Mo’ Brochures

Only 380 of 500 brochures to go. I was running two printers but I ran out of toner for one so now I have a lone printer crank in’ away slowly. I was sure that I had another 😦 Tomorrow we will be stapling them together.

Here is the one I put together to ensure correct layout.

I think I lost count of the pages I had printed so far…oh well! I guess there will be extras lol

While I am waiting between print batches, I am watching American Greed and knitting on my drop stitch poncho wrap thing. I was at a concert last week and a woman’s knit poncho caught my eye. It was drapey and lacy and all in garter with side tassels. So easy! I have started one for a friend.

I hope I like it when I am done. 

I think I hear the printer needing a paper re-up…I hope I don’t fall asleep before I am finished!

Application for a knitting job

Hello!Just for fun I looked up knitting jobs and lo and behold, here one is! I am totally stoked for the opportunity to knit for a company other than my personal projects or for gifts. I have taken on some commissioned work of various skill in the last few years. In addition to knitting, I also crochet and have a wide passion for handicrafts and other creative endeavors. This year I have had the pleasure of working on a fiber festival board committee building the website, flyer and program and will be a participating vendor later this May.

Even if I am not considered for a chance to work with your company, my heart and soul have been uplifted in knowing there is a possibility that one day I may be able to really pursue my dream of being a stay at home knitter, ahem, mom. Just this week, I also bought my first little knitting machine to check out if I would like it as much as hand knitting.

Thank you very much for this wonderful posting!

Rhianna Speck

Samples of my work 

1 – A gauge swatch, knit for a cabled hooded cowl, Cascade Eco Wool, chincky weight

2 – Teapot cosy – a commissioned piece I knit without a pattern inspired by several other patterns, an acrylic yarn in worsted weight

3 – Monster bum pants – toddler-sized, this was a fun project learning short rows! Caron Simply soft