Work, Work, work, work…

This is not the Rihanna song although I do feel like all I have been doing is working!

Lots of freelance, lots of regular work, but not enough fiber time except for fiber festival planning! We are coming down to the wire and this week I have our program book to layout and print 500 copies. We have a night planned for booklet assembling. We’re a bit poor right now because this year started from the ground up with a new panel and set up. I am still so excited! My first fiber festival and I get to be a part of it. I’ve been involved in planning a couple large conferences and just love seeing events come together.

We have a new client at work and was working out some logo ideas. This is part of my first round. I love the colors. Hopefully we hear sooner than later for feedback.

I totally forgot to take a picture of a cool event invitation that I just loved doing in the retro Great Gatsby style. I’ll remember to take a pic to show it off. These kind of projects really solidify why I love doing what I do.

My son brought home one of his friend’s pottery pieces that’s pretty awesome.

It wasn’t hard to see what I was going to use it for! I have always wanted a yarn bowl and have seen some breathtaking pottery but with my lil guy having wandering hands, I couldn’t bear to have one out for little fingers to accidentally bump. We have carpet but you know what could go wrong…I love this little yarn ball, I hand wound it. I find winding skeins to be relaxing. This is my little basket of hand wound balls. That was a project in of itself.

It’s about to be craft show season and I’m at a loss of whether I am gonna take a break from soap and maybe try my hand at something different, more of what my profession is. I’ve been researching other online markets since my boot from the mother of all handmade market sites. I signed up for a couple but haven’t really done anything with them. What sites have you heard of to have good results? Aftrca, Zibbet, Artfire… So many choices!

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