I spent six or so hours organizing my uarn closet. I am pleased. I also do not need anymore yarn. Want is another story.

      I also made room for my husband’s desk. It only took a year. I am saddened that I have been reduced to half my space. I didn’t take a pic of that. I might when I get situated.

      This week was gingerbread house making at school. My little guy thoroughly enjoyed it.

      We also made sugar cookies at my MIL’s…not so successful but lots of fun.

      My oldest, proud of his little tree.

      My little guy, double fisting the frosting.

      He is a hoot. The other day he was carrying on and I told him Santa wasn’t going to stop at our houseg and leave him presents. He said he didn’t care, he was still getting presents from mama. The same day he decided to trim the tree because the branches were poking him. 

      So something fun happened at my friend’s coffee shop. He ordered in some expensive coffee…kopi luwak, aka civet cat poop coffee. It is supposed to be good. I did think it tasted better than a lot of store bought coffee. I don’t think I will pay that for coffee again. We bought some to gift and I made some funny mugs.

      I have so much more to share bug it is after 1 a.m. and I should get to bed.

      More holiday craft shenanigans later rhis week. I hope you all are plowing through your list of to-dos! 

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