When it rains…it floods

Yesterday was pretty devastating to our local communities. A village was decimated, people lost their homes and lots of damage was left over. Gratefully, our family’s home only was flooded. 

This is my in-laws’ home, the center of our lives. Because of my mother-in-law’s forsight, she had signed up for flood alerts and at 3-4ish a.m. yesterday morning she was awakened by it and then called the calvary. My children had stayed the night. It took us about 4 hours to clear the basement, tie down the trampoline and playhouse and then wait.

This photo is the water coming down the road just one house away and at this point we know that we have five minutes to leave before the basement starts to fill up.

I took this about an hour before we left. This is behind the house. Water just rushing so fast. Apparently, a man died from being hit by a tree and was carried down to the river through the creek. So sad. 

This kind of flooding happens every once in awhile. 2011 was the last one like this. In the 13 years I have been with my husband, I have witnessed about a dozen serious floods. One year there were three. It’s part of life living by a creek.

I am saddened though by those down south whose lives were just destroyed by the hurricane and subsequently flooding. That is nowhere near what we experienced here. We were fortunate. I try to remember to think of those less fortunate than us over the years whose live have just been destroyed. We have had so many offers of support and prayers. We are grateful. I send those thoughts of concern and love to those who need it more.


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