Top {Knot}ch Props

I started a facebook page specifically for this blog. I feel that there is a disconnect with my other page with regard to crafting, mostly knotty things.  Please do check it out if you have a moment (@CraftmanicMommy on FB)…most of the stuff that is there is from the last several years as well as my newest stuff.

Completed tonight the set of four pokemon hats for my friend’s daughters’ halloween costumes. I so hope they fit!

i did have to rework the squirtle’s face. It just wasn’t cute enough!

Can you tell?

On the holiday front, I have three orders; two mermaid tails and a unicorn beanie. fun, fun! I hope I get them done in time! these tails are going to be 48″ tall and I have yet to only make a baby size. I will be crocheting like mad! As if I don’t already!

Ooh! I received some pics of my client’s baby in her stuff!

So cute!!!

I am not sure where to go from here about rebranding. Do you like the name Top {Knot}ch Props? Or more personally Crochet RayRay? My coworkers for years have called me Ray Ray and it stuck. I kinda like it 🙂 I may have to just design a new logo and go from there.

 I really want to add some cute tags to my stuff. I saw some awesome things on etsy that I just love! Being the crafty person I am though, I want to make them myself! I asked my husband for a CNC engraving machine. He initially said no because they can be pretty pricey but I libbied my case! He said we can consider one after the holidays. Yes! He wanted to know why I wanted it and I said to make my own tags, although I am already dreaming of what else to make!

oh, the crafting wheels are turning!!

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