Um, what have I been doing?

Sometimes I think I am such a slacker. I totally can be. Then there are other times I feel so overwhelmed. I can’t seem to discern between them because the reaction is the same. 

Disconnect. Resignation. Disinterest.

Yet, I know I must be doing something since projects do get finished. It’s like being on auto-drive. Just going through the motions. Forging forward with any real awareness. 

There have been several side jobs I have completed. Shirts for a local food truck. My brother in law did the equilment install on their truck. These were fun. I have some bandanas and a few other shirts that will say Real Tacos. Real Taste.

The other fun shirts were for a brother of a regular customer of mine. He has some political aspirations. LOL.

And I am craft show prepping. I have 4 shows so far for the holiday season.

Lots of goat milk for soaping!! Can’t wait.

Speaking of holiday season, I have commissions for Halloween. Pokemon hats! A family we have been been friends with have four daughters and their family makes a fun to-do of dressing up. I love their themes. I love making Pokemon stuff. Squirtle, Pikachu, Snorlax and the one hasn’t decided yet.

And I was also asked to make a full-size mermaid tail blanket for another family friend. I’m excited because I just can’t wait to see the little girl’s face! 

So, it seems like I’m gonna be a busy mama, as if I am not already. I hope everyone else has a fun holiday season to prep for!

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