Summer Lovin’

Man, I just love summer! So much going on and we have lots of activity!

Last weekend, the whole family went ATV riding on some local trails and camped out. It was a relaxing and exciting day through the mountains. I had never been with my boys and didn’t think I would enjoy much but I did! My little guy just had a blast!

He just loved it.
This week my family has come in to visit. We have a fun trip to NYC planned and today we are shopping at a flea market type place called the Windmill in Oleans, NY. It is a quaint place! And then later we are going out to my grandparents’ lake cottage and have some water fun with the jet skis and swimming. My little guy loves to swim. Yesterday we were at Knoebel’s, a fab fun amusement park in Elysburg, Pa. We go usually once a year and they look forward to it. Derek loves the Sploosh, a waterslide ride on a big boat thing. He gets soaking wet!

he is too cute!
How are your summer plans going?

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