Festival Weekend

I hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day celebrating the fave males in your life…Each year my husband looks forward to the annual bluegrass festival that is near us ao he can relax and do nothing but listen to music.

This year was extra exciting because we had a swimming adventure that had an unfortunate event; our friend’s vehicle had the radiator bust! Thankfully my husand and his brother was able to fix it.

While we were sitting aroubf listening to the music, I was also able to work on my little peacock baby prop. And i just finished it! This pic is upside down.

this is the photo my friend took when she found some peacock feathers.

love love. I now have at least one more to make and several interesteds. There is some tweaking I am going to do with how the feathers lay so they are more fluid next time but all in all, I am pleased.

Next up, mermaid tails!

Perfect Purple

The search is over for the perfect shade of purple!! If you are interested, I bought it on Amazon : Pravana Chromasilk Vivids in Violet. 

So, I have had cobalt, magenta, orchid, purple in several different brands. None every quite being the purple I love.

The only other thing I need to know is how many washes this lasts. Every other one comes out in 4-5 washes. 

I definitely have to bleach my hair to get color to show. Note how black my top is…I did put color all the way to my crown to see if my silvery grays would be colored. Yes! The other colors didn’t cover them.

I am gonna rock purple hair all summer!!!!! 

whooo’s gonna be cute?

I just finished this newborn cocoon and am waiting on yarn for a mermaid one.

I also finished a military themed set. too adorable! And some Tshirts. i am making another one of these for my little guy.

Put in our garden over the holiday weekend. Plants are sprouting! This was taken before I planted the peppers and tomatoes. Probably could have put more in but last year i felt crowded and i decided to try to trellis the cucumbers. we will see how this works. 

Overall, I have had a busy spring. I just kept putting off posting. Now it is almost summer so those adventures are soon to come!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the weather here in the States. I am a summer lover and thrive in the warmth. I think it is my tropical genes lol