Oh imagine my sadness when I heard Prince past away. I promptly googled to check if it were true. 😦

I know many others were as well and did what I did. Started listening to his songs.

I’ve heard about half dozen different renditions of Purple Rain. My fave being Adam Levine and Train. 

Have a listen. Now I need to go watch some movies…

Yarnie #selfie

I’m done! I find out at the end of the month if I make it into the gallery show after the jury votes. Fingers crossed.

Here’s the progress.


Blog blah blah

You would think that I would post blogs all the time since I can do it on my mobile, yet I rarely think about it. I haven’t even really had the time to read my daily follows because I am distracted. I actually haven’t done much crafting lately. I’m not sure why other than since taking the new medication, my crazy racing thoughts are still. That is part of their job.

I miss my manic crafting. I felt so productive and now I feel blah. Well, maybe not so low like depressed, but, dare I say it, “even-keeled.” Is this what normal feels like?  I did fear that some of my spark would dim and maybe I self psychosomatic prophesied it…I feel a difference.

On a fabulous note, I’ve lost 15lbs. And the other day at yoga, one of the ladies asked me if I had because she said it showed. I’ve only known her since January when we stared the yoga class and we are on session 3 now. I feel good in that aspect. I feel my clothes getting looser. My check in is next week and I’m sure that my dr will be pleased. I set a goal to lose 5lbs a month and I am meeting my goal. I should measure as well since that is a good indication of getting leaner as well. Maybe after a few more months of noticeable progress I will post pics. I’m taking a pic every month of me in my favorite outfit so it’s consistent.

I hope everyone is finally enjoying some sunshine even though it’s not too warm yet on a regular basis. I love spring so much. Watching my plants sprout up remind me of yearly renewal. And this year, I’m really feeling renewed.