A spot of tea

Sometime earlier this year, a coworker asked me to make a teapot cozy for his wife’s tea pot. I jumped at the chance! 
I researched lots of cozies and was drawn to a cute purple sweater one, I can’t remember the post but it was modeled off of Sherlock Holmes’s sweater from what I understand. And then I took some measurements and realized I would have to construct it not in a way that I wanted to!


I modeled my knitting after a Yarnspiration’s patternfor a cozy sweater but didn’t want to cable a thing! cute huh?


Don’t mind my screenshots. I wanted to show the pics of my references to give proper inspiration credit!
And now, mine!



Not too shabby for a first time! And the lady loved it so much it inspired her to make tea! I love the little toggle buttons.
This knit was not quick as I had to frog back a few times to adjust for the high handle. I had many teapot fittings. Lol. This was a crazy knit as well with all the needles I had going for each section and then counting all the rows to make sure the panels were the same size! I should have taken a picture of the process.
All in all, I’m happy with the end result and so was the recipient. I kinda want a teapot now!

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