Weekend Power 

I busted out three crochet projects this weekend. A gift set, a hat for my son and a commission.

  I have been waiting for the moment to make these adorable power wristies! This little girl loves her some Captain America!

My little guy has been asking for a hat since my shark sock extravaganza.

So I was much obliged. Can you tell her loves it?

And interestingly, I was checking out this pattern for a Simple Slouch hat a couple weeks ago by Persia Lou after looking at her shrinky dink stuff. Took me about an hour because I played yarn chicken and had to adjust with 11″ to spare after omitting the last round before the end band.

I have orders for two more hats, one captain America and one slouchy beanie that I’ve made before. Lots of yearning going on. And I need to finish my sock. Can’t wait!

What yearning do you have going on?

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