One Warm Foot

Soon to be a second…  

overall, I am please with the completion of one true knitted sock. Not quite as difficult to stitch other than keeping track of counting. I also noticed some skipped stitches when looking inside my sock and my toe was miscounted. 

See how the decreases are not on the side :/ 

I have a pretty high arch so the instep was baggy. I’ll have to find a way to remedy that. I am most proud of my heel flap.

Only because I ripped it back about 8 times before getting the decreases seamless.

I am working on the second sock now and hope to have this pair to wear before winter is over and I can enjoy woolen feet.  

These colors are fun, ya? Got any fun sock knitting tips?


4 thoughts on “One Warm Foot

  1. kathrynrubidoux says:

    They’re not flaws, they’re “design elements”! I knit my socks toe up so I don’t know how much help I can be. I have knit cuff down on dpns, it just isn’t my preferred method. I think the bagginess and the twisted seam came about from switching the orientation of where the “top” of the sock and the sole of the sock were in relation to the gussets and the toe increases (when knitting toe up) or decreases (when knitting cuff down).
    Fun tip? Learn to knit them using the magic loop method, its easier, at least in my opinion. Love your yarn!

    • craftmanicmommy says:

      I like that, design elements! I didn’t like the dpns either but my size 5 circulars have a pair of mitts on them working the magic loop method lol. I think I will prefer that method for socks as well. Thanks for your thoughts!

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