Weekend Forecast: 100% chance of knitting

I suppose there’s going to be snow somewhere this weekend. On the maps we are either in the getting a dusting or 8″. I think I need to be a meteorologist. They can be wrong and still get paid!

In any case, this weekend will be filled with knitting. And some activities with the children. I hope to take them to our library for a family craft together. And to check out some books, of course.

Back to knitting, I got the most scrumptious yarn from Craftsy to knit a pretty cabled hood.  

My first skein of Cascade!

I had some problems with winding it up! It was supposed to be center-pulled but then it barfed on me.  So I wound it into a mini ball.  

  Look! not twins.

Another first. A teeny cabled swatch! 


I also cast on some socks. Well, a sock. In worsted weight. I’m excited! It’s a cute little pattern that I hope goes quick that you can find on Ravelry, Easy Peasy Socks by Stacy Trock. I’m using Patons’s wool with some size 5 Clover bamboo dpns. I was using some aluminum but I get slipping my stitches off and had cast on three times before getting a round!

    So far so good. 
I hope everyone stays cozy if you’re in a cold area! I don’t like winter at all but I look forward to snow days!!

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