One Warm Foot

Soon to be a second…  

overall, I am please with the completion of one true knitted sock. Not quite as difficult to stitch other than keeping track of counting. I also noticed some skipped stitches when looking inside my sock and my toe was miscounted. 

See how the decreases are not on the side :/ 

I have a pretty high arch so the instep was baggy. I’ll have to find a way to remedy that. I am most proud of my heel flap.

Only because I ripped it back about 8 times before getting the decreases seamless.

I am working on the second sock now and hope to have this pair to wear before winter is over and I can enjoy woolen feet.  

These colors are fun, ya? Got any fun sock knitting tips?


Weekend Forecast: 100% chance of knitting

I suppose there’s going to be snow somewhere this weekend. On the maps we are either in the getting a dusting or 8″. I think I need to be a meteorologist. They can be wrong and still get paid!

In any case, this weekend will be filled with knitting. And some activities with the children. I hope to take them to our library for a family craft together. And to check out some books, of course.

Back to knitting, I got the most scrumptious yarn from Craftsy to knit a pretty cabled hood.  

My first skein of Cascade!

I had some problems with winding it up! It was supposed to be center-pulled but then it barfed on me.  So I wound it into a mini ball.  

  Look! not twins.

Another first. A teeny cabled swatch! 


I also cast on some socks. Well, a sock. In worsted weight. I’m excited! It’s a cute little pattern that I hope goes quick that you can find on Ravelry, Easy Peasy Socks by Stacy Trock. I’m using Patons’s wool with some size 5 Clover bamboo dpns. I was using some aluminum but I get slipping my stitches off and had cast on three times before getting a round!

    So far so good. 
I hope everyone stays cozy if you’re in a cold area! I don’t like winter at all but I look forward to snow days!!

Just Irritable

My birthday was yesterday. I had a lovely uneventful day, other than the multitude of messages and calls. We had dinner at my in-laws. Tradition is my mother-in-law makes our requested dinner and cake and we have dinner as a family. I chose spaghetti. Nothing special but I love it and of course cake: Devils food with chocolate icing. All in all a nice evening.

Cue 4 a.m.

My toddler crawls in bed with us. Proceeds to talk at half hour intervals and then at 6 a.m. wants some breakfast. So, I peel myself from my warm and cozy bed to get him his requested cereal and we proceed to watch cartoons. 

When did Saturday morning cartoons start so early. It’s because we have Netflix and cartoons are now at his every, little whim.

He eats his cereal on the floor at the edge of the living room and dining room. Next thing I know cereal is al over the floor. Then he proceeds to make a fort in the hallway with all the blankets and pillows he can find.

I hear his favorite cd blasting in his room and he demands I turn on his tv. No. 

Where is my blankie, he asks. In mama’s bedroom. Daddy says no when he goes to check.

The dog won’t listen to him so I have to command her to his room lest he play lonesome. I feel for her. We just need a minute to recoup our senses.

My husband and oldest are just sleeping away and I think it was only 8 by then. I know my husband is tired because he has been working nonstop after getting a promotion yet still trying to do his previous position since his company has yet to hire a replacement for him and his manager. I don’t want to wake him up.

By the time they do get up (ahem, 10 a.m.-ish) I’m beyond irritated. I have yet to have coffee. They don’t know what time they are leaving for their trip and I’m supposedly having plans with a friend to see a movie and lunch but can’t let her know when I’ll be ready because no one else knows when they will be ready.

My husband reminds me that I wanted more children and what did I expect? They need cared for. Obviously. But I need cared for, too! I just don’t remember all the demands a toddler makes. My oldest is 16 and I am quite sure he wasn’t so demanding.

It’s afternoon now. The house is quiet. I’ve finally had a cup of coffee. I instantly feel better.

I’m going to go buy some powerball tickets. Maybe winning the lottery will make this day better.

Do a Super Job

“There is one job that we can do superlatively well, and there isn’t anything that can keep us from doing it if we are serious in wanting to. That is the job we do on ourselves, inside ourselves. It means clearing out a whole mess of false values, unrealistic ambitions, and worn-out resentments, and putting in their place the qualities we want to have – kindness, tolerance, friendliness … We can begin to see what the real values of life are, and they are very different from the hazy, distorted dreams we had.”