Late Night Pressing Concerns

I have a t-shirt order to deliver in less than 12 hours and what happens? My toddler wakes up crying and wanders the house looking for me. (I know it’s some time near 1 a.m. while I write this)

What do you do when a red hot 350 degree shirt press is running?

Well, I lie down with him for 10 minutes consoling him back to sleep, grateful I had my rocket fuel coffee to keep me awake because under normal circumstances I would drift off to sleep with him, all comfy-cozy. 

And the press would still be on! Oh no!

Thankfully, that has yet to happen. And, I have the shirts done. Whew. It’s earlier tonight than last night when I finished working. I looked up at the clock and BAM, it’s 1:50 and I need to get up to work at my real job. 

Speaking of real jobs, I have been trying to convince my husband that I can quit mine and just knit and craft for money. Then I crunch the numbers and realize I have yet to crank out a profitable amount of work in a day. Bleh. I think profit should be my crafti-happiness.

Here’s a look at a few shirts I did tonight… 

This last one is for my brother. The only red-headed child out of my father’s 5 children. He was bound to get it, I think since our parents both are so Irish. I always wanted red hair like my gram and aunt but beings that I had a Filipino biological mother, that was not happening genetically. He is my half-brother, if you didn’t figure that out. I still want red hair. 

Speaking of hair, I just found this sneaky, silvery 6″ long grey in my head!! 

 I suppose it was bound to happen…I am cruising along through my 30s (soon to be 36). I am just surprised to find it growing for so long! Aging is starting to really come now. I find it interesting. The conundrum of holding onto youth. I don’t feel “old” at all!! What about you?

I think I should go to sleep now. We have a busy weekend ahead. I’m going to a dear friend’s retirement lunch we planned. Need to procure our Christmas tree (we pick and cut ours fresh!). Have last minute gifts to get so I can ship my families’ boxes out (now going Priority lol). Decorate the tree. Deliver orders. Make lotion and pack soap orders. Wrap gifts. Finish knitting a slouchy hat and crochet another bearded beanie. Make egg nog. Bake Cookies.

Um, perhaps not all of this is getting done…I must be crazy!


3 thoughts on “Late Night Pressing Concerns

  1. Stefanie says:

    You must have such interesting equipment in your house for your side businesses. Sometimes I feel old when I look or see college aged shenanigans. Other that that, I feel great. I did freak out a bit when I started noticing grey hairs. I have my daughters comb through my hair once in a blue moon to find those and pluck then out. I always feel like that line of monkeys grooming one another.

    • craftmanicmommy says:

      Just stuff to make tshirts and prints 🙂 I didn’t think I would start to feel old when the greys started coming in! I think my boys would love to from me like monkeys however all my hair would come out! Lol

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