The End is Near

My least favorite thing of most crafts is the finishing. I will stop cross-stitching at the end when/if there are outlines to do. I don’t frame paintings or pastels.  And by far, weaving in ends is at the top of the list. Unless there is just the last one. Not the case here you can see.

According to my pattern, I had 61 flowers to crochet. Imagine my surprise when I sat down to take stock that along the way I miscounted, lost some in transit, or just plain got ahead of myself. I was three flowers short the other day and not happy about that! I have already missed my deadline of last week and now I’m hoping to get this together by New Years Eve.

PLEASE! I have some other projects if like to start 🙂

I trust you all had a fab holiday if you celebrated Christmas. If not, I’m sorry. I know this is a bittersweet time of year as well. Hugs.

I didn’t ask Santa for anything. He got me a gift certificate to get a manicure. Hmm…I’ve only ever had two done. Maybe I should pamper myself more. Although his thought being that his mother and I could go spend some girl time together. That’s the real gift.

I did get some stuff I really wanted from my uncle! We have spent several holidays together and he is my favorite ( not just because of gifts ). He is just my kind of person. Laid back and just a cool guy. He doesn’t have children so he has always been keen on my sisters and I. I am glad that he lives rather close so we can visit.

So what this girl really wanted:  

I saw the crochet book in the window at BAM and knew I wanted it! Then I saw the knitter book and had to have that. The adult coloring has been all the rage lately and after seeing a friend post about coloring meditation, I figured that was up my alley.  I have to find my color pencils!!!

  We stopped by A.C. Moores and I picked out some yarn for projects I have in mind. I love this yarn with glitter through it! I have some unicorny plans. And I want to make myself some socks but I don’t like sock weight yarn lol so I got some worsted Patons. I love this color way! Then I really needed a stitch / row counter. It’s not quite the one I wanted but to try why not! And the tiny Pom Pom makers. I know I could make some with cardboard but these are too cute to pass up.

I do hope to get through this project and do better planning for next year. I’m getting a bit hoarderish with my yarn stash. There’s a bunch of things on my list that will help me stash bust and make a smidge-y of money. Got the best of both worlds there!

Only a few days to go and we’re starting a new. What a wonderful time of the year.

Late Night Pressing Concerns

I have a t-shirt order to deliver in less than 12 hours and what happens? My toddler wakes up crying and wanders the house looking for me. (I know it’s some time near 1 a.m. while I write this)

What do you do when a red hot 350 degree shirt press is running?

Well, I lie down with him for 10 minutes consoling him back to sleep, grateful I had my rocket fuel coffee to keep me awake because under normal circumstances I would drift off to sleep with him, all comfy-cozy. 

And the press would still be on! Oh no!

Thankfully, that has yet to happen. And, I have the shirts done. Whew. It’s earlier tonight than last night when I finished working. I looked up at the clock and BAM, it’s 1:50 and I need to get up to work at my real job. 

Speaking of real jobs, I have been trying to convince my husband that I can quit mine and just knit and craft for money. Then I crunch the numbers and realize I have yet to crank out a profitable amount of work in a day. Bleh. I think profit should be my crafti-happiness.

Here’s a look at a few shirts I did tonight… 

This last one is for my brother. The only red-headed child out of my father’s 5 children. He was bound to get it, I think since our parents both are so Irish. I always wanted red hair like my gram and aunt but beings that I had a Filipino biological mother, that was not happening genetically. He is my half-brother, if you didn’t figure that out. I still want red hair. 

Speaking of hair, I just found this sneaky, silvery 6″ long grey in my head!! 

 I suppose it was bound to happen…I am cruising along through my 30s (soon to be 36). I am just surprised to find it growing for so long! Aging is starting to really come now. I find it interesting. The conundrum of holding onto youth. I don’t feel “old” at all!! What about you?

I think I should go to sleep now. We have a busy weekend ahead. I’m going to a dear friend’s retirement lunch we planned. Need to procure our Christmas tree (we pick and cut ours fresh!). Have last minute gifts to get so I can ship my families’ boxes out (now going Priority lol). Decorate the tree. Deliver orders. Make lotion and pack soap orders. Wrap gifts. Finish knitting a slouchy hat and crochet another bearded beanie. Make egg nog. Bake Cookies.

Um, perhaps not all of this is getting done…I must be crazy!

Momentous Day!!

The shark slipper socks are FINISHED!!!

If you are so inclined to make some yourself, here is the paid Pattern link:

There are three PDFs for each sizing set. I only used the adult sizes. Overall the patter was clear for each part of the sock making process crochet style. I had to buy stitch markers for certain mark point indicated. I tried several methods for seaming them together and found that slip stitch crocheting around was better than whip stitching. 

I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I’m testing til I finished the next wip. But only for a bit. Deadlines are looming!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Craftmas…

Everywhere I turn in the craft room…   

 Just a few short weeks and boom…all over.

I designed our holiday cards yesterday and tomorrow we will finish them with our personal details. I cannot wait to do them! I googled toddler holiday crafts and a bunch of cute finger painty things came up. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make them all myself as I had in the past and knowing my kids are more than happy to help, I found a cool idea from somewhere (I’ll find the attribution so you can see where I got the idea from) for thumbprint Christmas lights! Here is my card base:

Those black nodes are where we will fingerpaint the bulbs. Cute, huh? I just designed the sentiment and ran off like 20ish prints on my laser and now all that awaits is my trying to keep a 4 and 16 year old boy to not get paint anywhere but the card. My hubs thinks it is not going to go to my plan…

My hopes to finish the shark socks last week were thwarted by sleep. As well as this week. I’m am THISCLOSE to getting them done. These need fins.

These need eyes. 

You can see one lone eyed pair at the bottom. Details, all those little details are such a Pita.

Here were the first official pair. 

I can almost taste the anticipation of finishing. Just these though. I have a bearded baby beanie to crochet, the flower curtains to finish and a slouchy hat to knit…I’m on the wire!!!

What are you still craftmasing?