Embarking on December aka the Last Crazy Month of Crafting

I am starting to feel the pressure finally of the gifting season. I have yet to start procuring anything for my family. There are things already chosen so at least I can say I’m not clueless of what to purchase as I have been in previous years. 

Orders for knotty things have trickled in as well as other freelance projects for gifts. There are a few projects that are finished an need to make their way to the orderers. The shark socks are nearly finished (I say nearly yet I’ve just begun the fins and each sock gets 3 fins, so 60 fins total then the sewing of the eyes). My plan is to knock them out this week as well as finish the flower curtains in the next two since my friend who ordered those asked about them. I can’t bear to charge her so her birthday is right before Christmas and I’m gifting them to her.

This is my project table. Once known as an end table. 

 The corner next to my chair  and table is filled with other random projects and yarns to be worked on eventually. Thankfully, only one more soap show for the year and then I’ll be filling gift basket orders. I have yet to determine if this year was a good year for the soap business. After our tax snafu, probably not. Oh well.
Not sure yet if I’m going to be making our holiday cards again this year. It’s a fun tradition for me to do yet takes so much time. I may enlist the children to decorate and make them. I have tons of card blanks and I can imagine their little crafty hearts would love to send our family and friends their creations. Can you imagine glitter and a toddler? Me either.

I suppose I should continue with cleaning my house. I’d rather be crafting!

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving if you celebrate and enjoy this holiday season!

2 thoughts on “Embarking on December aka the Last Crazy Month of Crafting

  1. Stefanie says:

    This photo made me chuckle as it reminded me of all the knitting and yarn I had scattered about the dining room table, the fireplace mantle, and the piano. Keep sane girl.

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