Mad crafter

I had to bust out my sewing machine. Things get REAL in the craft room.

This is my stack of burlap pillow covers that are awaiting embellishing that may or may not get done.

I did finally label some aromatherapy roll-ons so I could sell off sundry inventory.

The last two craft shows were Ah-mazing!!!!! Made some good money. And still have the next three weekends of craft show coming up. I have another batch of lotion and a few soaps to make as well as making some pumpkin soufflé sugar scrubs! Got a free sample from one of my vendors and can’t wait to try it out. This was last week’s set up. So far everyone is digging the new display and packaging. The only lotion I have left is plain on the table.

I’m still crocheting away on the shark socks. Only 2.5 more bodies to work up and then lots of construction ahead with the sewing of the bodies, fins and eyes. This was a grand undertaking. I can make these in my sleep now!

Hope all is well and enjoying the upcoming festive season. I love, love all the excitement with the holidays. Pretty soon, I’ll be watching my favorite holiday flick, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Always brings about Graditude.

Cheers to you all!!

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