Sharrrrrrrrrrk Attack

Last week’s craft show was a bust. I sold just enough to cover table fee. And half of that was from a good friend! 

The good thing that came out of it was a lady who saw my crochet display and asked to hire me for some project she is working on. I said sure! She just started crocheting because of these uber popular shark socks. She’s a knitter and learning this pattern has been challenging she says. I can understand why. I had a bit of trouble counting the rows and marking my progress with the first pair I made.

Now, gotta love this lady, she comes back the second day and realizes she can just talk to me directly instead of over the phone and meeting up at a later time so she sits down to chat. We discuss what her project is…20ish pairs of these shark socks for her coworkers. She’s retiring this year and wants not bestow her love of Shark Week to her coworkers. After making several pairs of shells, she realizes she’s not going to get done in time for Christmas. Enter moi. 

I’ve never made socks before. Booties, yes. But not socks. In fact, the first attempted pair for my husband last year are on the needles with about 2″ of cuff done. That is all. This lady, she is a sock knitter. (Which makes me wonder why not covert these to a knit pattern??) she’s previously made her coworkers each a pair of socks that took her nearly a year to make. Whoa…We discuss some tricks of the trades and tips. We are gonna share some yarny knowledge! I am stoked. 

I have my curtains that I need to finish by the middle of December and these socks. Lots of crocheting going on. I’m not sure I will be getting to making our holiday cards this year…it’s okay. Not that anyone cares. Lol. I do have lots of other orders as well. Busy busy…

5 thoughts on “Sharrrrrrrrrrk Attack

  1. Stefanie says:

    I’m sorry your efforts weighed more than what you sold. It is frustrating how some ppl expect cheap bargains at a craft show. They don’t think about the work that goes into the crafts. But yay on the hiring of your expertise.

    • craftmanicmommy says:

      So true! My hubs is feeling discouraged though that I sit all day at shows and take time away from the family and the value is diminished unless I made a lot of money. Sometimes the payment for me is to just be around other crafters. I wish he would get that.

      • Nice piece of work says:

        well, it’s a kind of long term thing. I know only too well how discouraging it can be when you only cover the costs of the table and the petrol, but that’s part of putting yourself out there and getting exposure and networking. I’m sure he’ll get that at some point. Although, frankly, my exhusband never did. And maybe that’s another reason why he’s an ex. hahahaha

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