Birthday bonfire and other fun things…

My oldest is turning 16. 

Let’s let that sink in. 

And so to commemorate this event, he asked for a special kind of party. normally, we do a them and have people over. Like 20ish. Or have a family dinner thing. This year he asked for 50 invitations.  What! 50 teens at my house! Whoa. 

I cut each one by hand. Lovingly. Wondering why didn’t I just send them somewhere for printing. Oh yeah, cuz they are expensive! Anyway…

He also left us some instructions: 
I love his requests…bonfire we can do but unless my house magically turns into a log cabin, it will have to do. What, pray tell, is he going to be doing standing on a table? And a bull horn?? I like the insinuation that I must not clean the house. And what do we need FOUR red velvet cakes for?? The other requests not so bad. 

And check out his gift list: 

My favorite being the $30 hard cash. I must be raising some kind of gangster I didn’t know about…lol. If I freeze the money then, it will be cold, hard cash! 

I can’t wait til this party comes to fruition. I’m checking out DJs now. This should be fun. I see this is gonna be a rather loud party with the bull horn, fireworks and music. There goes the neighborhood!

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