Block blocked

The shawl is done! Well, almost…I haven’t blocked it. And I’m not quite sure I will get to that if I can’t find the elusive block pins in my craft stash. I’m almost quite positive I have some t pins. I remember wondering what could they be for but hadn’t gotten around to looking them up. I finally did when I told my husband I was in need of a blocking kit. He doesn’t seem to agree…pssh. I do. Another note, I’m not sure this yarn will block out the way I want. It’s Red heart Unforgettable. The color is just lovely!


I ran out of yarn 9 rows before the edging. And I realized when I returned to the shawl that the colors didn’t quite match. However I think the difference makings a lovely contrast!   
Isn’t this c2c so pretty!

All folded up  

Wrapped up me!

Colors in the sun. He also asked how many pictures I was going to take of this shawl. I took many. Some not shown lol. I haven’t measured it yet. Maybe I will attempt to block it because the picture on Moogly’s site is stunning! I’m going to be repurposing my kids’  foam pieces and even if I don’t have blocking pins, I’ll use regular pins if they work!!
I kind of wish I had a dress form or bust as well…I want to properly show her off! 

Well, I suppose I will attempt to block tonight. Wish me luck. This will be my very first real blocked item.

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