Birthday bonfire and other fun things…

My oldest is turning 16. 

Let’s let that sink in. 

And so to commemorate this event, he asked for a special kind of party. normally, we do a them and have people over. Like 20ish. Or have a family dinner thing. This year he asked for 50 invitations.  What! 50 teens at my house! Whoa. 

I cut each one by hand. Lovingly. Wondering why didn’t I just send them somewhere for printing. Oh yeah, cuz they are expensive! Anyway…

He also left us some instructions: 
I love his requests…bonfire we can do but unless my house magically turns into a log cabin, it will have to do. What, pray tell, is he going to be doing standing on a table? And a bull horn?? I like the insinuation that I must not clean the house. And what do we need FOUR red velvet cakes for?? The other requests not so bad. 

And check out his gift list: 

My favorite being the $30 hard cash. I must be raising some kind of gangster I didn’t know about…lol. If I freeze the money then, it will be cold, hard cash! 

I can’t wait til this party comes to fruition. I’m checking out DJs now. This should be fun. I see this is gonna be a rather loud party with the bull horn, fireworks and music. There goes the neighborhood!

Packaging Pinspiration!

I totally love Pinterest and as a designer, I’m always thinking of new packaging for the soap. My main concern is how do I package the soap with the least amount of packaging but the maximum amount of exposure to the soap? I want you to still see the soap and colors and more importantly, SMELLLLL the awesomeness of the essential oils. What do you think?  

First (and last) Starbella scarf

I loved this yarn the first time I saw it. Then I started seeing the craze happening each craft show I attended, these scarves just flying off displays. I thought that maybe I would make one myself. I never got around to buying any but a great knitterly friend bought some for my birthday last year. 

And so I present my 1 and 3/4 of a year scarf. 

I am less than impressed lol! I don’t think I will ever attempt this again. I’m now looking at my ribbon yarn forlornly because it will wait til I gather my wits and patience to knit such interesting yarn.

It’s the colors! Why do they call to me!

Block blocked

The shawl is done! Well, almost…I haven’t blocked it. And I’m not quite sure I will get to that if I can’t find the elusive block pins in my craft stash. I’m almost quite positive I have some t pins. I remember wondering what could they be for but hadn’t gotten around to looking them up. I finally did when I told my husband I was in need of a blocking kit. He doesn’t seem to agree…pssh. I do. Another note, I’m not sure this yarn will block out the way I want. It’s Red heart Unforgettable. The color is just lovely!


I ran out of yarn 9 rows before the edging. And I realized when I returned to the shawl that the colors didn’t quite match. However I think the difference makings a lovely contrast!   
Isn’t this c2c so pretty!

All folded up  

Wrapped up me!

Colors in the sun. He also asked how many pictures I was going to take of this shawl. I took many. Some not shown lol. I haven’t measured it yet. Maybe I will attempt to block it because the picture on Moogly’s site is stunning! I’m going to be repurposing my kids’  foam pieces and even if I don’t have blocking pins, I’ll use regular pins if they work!!
I kind of wish I had a dress form or bust as well…I want to properly show her off! 

Well, I suppose I will attempt to block tonight. Wish me luck. This will be my very first real blocked item.

Oh sweet summer, I shall miss thee

We’ve been so busy I haven’t had the moment to even really chronicle our Latest adventure from this past month. I get caught up with catching up and still can’t keep up! I’m still trying to get through my email and blog roll!

We got home from touring Washington D.C. Went to a couple museums, visited the monuments and the zoo, rode the metro, whew…we jam packed a week of sights! And even went to Mt. Vernon and old town Alexandria.

The National Zoo  

Natural History Museum

The Washinton Monument aka my new horn  

Paddle boating – this lasted 20 minutes. My son and nephew did not appreciate being trapped on a boat.

The White House – my youngest turned 4 while we were vacationing.  

The Awakening statue – used to be in D.C., now resides at the National Harbor in Maryland. My sisters and I used to play in this when we were younger.

We topped off the vacation sailing at Seneca lake, NY!  

And then, lastly, went to Knoebel’s amusement Park! This awesome place rests in Elysburg, Pa and is super fun! We go every year and my little guy just lovessssss to go.

I think we packed in more excitement in a week than the whole summer! I was sad for it to end though with my mother leaving and seeing my sister with her children returning home. My mom and I did get to spend just a day together and went shopping at some thrift stores and a fabric shop I looked up. 

My mom is a quilter so I knew she would love it. I read some good reviews and it was huge! We went to Verna’s Fabrics in Mifflinburg, Pa. The only downfall was they only took cash or check and we had limited cash and no checks! I loved all the variety of fabric and my mom loved the prices. No yarn though 😦 I was saddened. 

All in all, summer has been fabulous. 

Oh, before I forget! I wanted to share about my current project! Fortune’s Shawlette by Moogly! I so love! It’s my first shawl and it’s for a charity auction. I can’t wait to take a pic but check out her pattern! It’s a modified C2C and just lovely! I thought I took a pic but realized I didn’t. Will share when I’m finished. I actually ran out of yarn. Doh!

Until next time! craft on!