i love summer! We are always so busy in the summer that I often wish it could be summer always. Sunshine and swimming and all the fun things! 

First up! My first harvest of the year. We are a pepper today in our salad and I’ll be doing some baking this weekend with this zucchini. 

Here are my sunflowers taller than me! I did plant three sets but the hubs whacked some down because he thought they were weeds. They weren’t thriving as my front ones though. Just not enough sun at the front door.

Not sure why I look like that lol.

Ooh I found an awesome pin the other day for unicorn leggings!!!! Omg I just love them so. They are out of stock though 😦  

This is just a screenshot so don’t think it will take you to the site lol.

The other day I was in my craft room thinking I would make some stitch markers and just about lost my mind looking for my supplies after I “organized”. I still didn’t find anything but I did find my pony buttons!

Check out those vintage markers! I have no idea how old they are but I wanted some pretty ones. Also in my madness, I found a wip that I should finish for some cutie. Just need to put some eyes on and weave in ends. 

 Not sure why I didn’t finish them!  Now I want to crochet a pair because knitting them took forever!!!!! My little guy is too big for them now.

Speaking of my little guy, he’ll be four in a month so I’m planning him a monster truck party at his request. I so can’t wait to share that with you!

Anyway, have some projects going on that I need to attend to. a website to build out and some summer promo signs for a store in Cali. Exciting!
Hope you all are All enjoying you summer!

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