Those Darned Socks

i have yet to knit a pair of socks. I know, I know…socks should be on very knitter’s list of to makes, right? I do have a pair on the needles for my husband that have a couple inches, I just can’t get into them. Yet.

However, I did get to learn how to darn a sock!! I feel quite accomplished lol. I researched and found several techniques of weaving and stitching and knitting on. I went with the knit on patch. I found an awesome tutorial at the Twist collective

     I could have gone with a tad thinner yarn and my pick up stitches on the edges weren’t quite as smooth as I hoped. It kind of reminded me of short rows with a wrap and turn and I haven’t quite mastered that. Since the patch is on the heel I tried to make sure I had enough extra stitches to round out the heel. I thought that my color was closer to the darker gold brown in the top but it wasn’t. My hope is that my friend really not care and just hope the patch hold up!

Reading the tutorial had me thinking I should get one of those egg things but I didn’t really need it. I just like having new tools! I have been eyeing up a knitting machine so I can just whip out socks and leg warmers. A bit pricey yet.  I tried out a round loom and I didn’t really like it. The stitches were so loose and I’m more of a tight knitter. Plus it felt awkward. I have a couple wooden looms that I got as a gift. I think I’m going to knit a shawl in the big one. Now just for the right pattern!
Hope you have a great weekend! Craft on!

One thought on “Those Darned Socks

  1. Kepanie says:

    Terrific job on this darning. I can’t get into other methods of knitting. I have to do it the old fashioned way unless something forces me otherwise.

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