Facing dismissal, distinguished teacher resigns after reciting lurid Allan Ginsburg poem in class

Why Evolution Is True

David Olio, a Connecticut high-school English teacher, has resigned rather than face being fired after reading a racy Allen Ginsburg poem to his class.  Olio not only teaches AP (Advanced Placement) English, but won Connecticut’s highest award for teaching excellence. You can read the poem,  “Please Master,” here.  There’s no doubt that it’s salacious, but it’s also likely to inspire a good discussion.

But the circumstances are even more exculpating than him just reading an inappropriate poem to students. As The Daily Beast reports, he was more or less blindsided by it:

It was the kind of moment teachers covet. An Advanced Placement English class focusing on poetry, and a student brings in a poem that caught his eye, hoping to discuss in the waning moments of the period how the poet uses language in his work.

The teacher, David Olio, a 19-year veteran of the South Windsor School District and…

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