Getting off the Grid…

heading out to one of my husband’s favorite places…away from the city lol. We’re going to a bluegrass festival with my bestie and her family along with some other close friends. It’s the best Father’s Day gift for him. Rest, relaxation and recreation!

I made this last minute order for a girl and her husband. 


Happy day to yours and hopefully I’ll be able to recover a lost post from last week.

To have and to hold…but share??

i don’t know what came over me but I offered to share my craft room with my husband and even today…gasp…I called it the “office”.

He really has been quite supportive of my taking over most of the space in the house. To be fair, he does have a space in the basement with a workbench (that I bought) and two sheds outside!! Filled with all kinds of power and yard tools. I have this smallish 9×9′ room   

It’s full to the brim! Here’s a pano shot while sitting in my chair in the middle. 

 See! Tiny. Those two boxes are full of various yarn I have to put away since there’s no room. How could I part?? I admit; I’m a hoarder. 

I have a whole other room that is just for the soap and my heat press. I was going to set up my screen press but I don’t want it with my Au natural soap lol. I’ll put it somewhere I suppose…maybe in my very own She Sheds

Actually, last week while doing the bills he got very frustrated over all the noise and lack of space he had at the dining table. We had a larger one but it was glass and quite frankly, I was just sick of the constant wiping down of it from every spill and fingerprint on it. With a toddler, glass in not stylish. He was under the table all the time and loved licking the underneath of it and showing off his food. We finally just go a solid wood round one. No corners because lil D kept bopping his noggin on the metal frame and the corners were perilous.

Since I don’t like to sit down and pay the bills and haven’t in 10 years, I offered the next best thing. Office space. I think he may have mentioned needing office space as well. I often offer things without thinking. I really was thinking, I’m not going back to pay the bills! 

So now I’m lamenting over what to put away where and if I need to cull the craft supplies. I should lest he see the madness up close when he’s in here. I have a tv And stand to remove. I rather like the stand but it’s falling apart and probably will when I remove everything from it. I was inspired the other day by a set of videos I watched of an awesome craft room clean up. I’ll have to post the link when I find it. I didn’t feel so bad about the state my room is in. 

I think I have a good hour before the baby wakes from his nap and the boys get back from lawn caring. Let me get started on the Great Craftroom Cleanup.

Those Darned Socks

i have yet to knit a pair of socks. I know, I know…socks should be on very knitter’s list of to makes, right? I do have a pair on the needles for my husband that have a couple inches, I just can’t get into them. Yet.

However, I did get to learn how to darn a sock!! I feel quite accomplished lol. I researched and found several techniques of weaving and stitching and knitting on. I went with the knit on patch. I found an awesome tutorial at the Twist collective

     I could have gone with a tad thinner yarn and my pick up stitches on the edges weren’t quite as smooth as I hoped. It kind of reminded me of short rows with a wrap and turn and I haven’t quite mastered that. Since the patch is on the heel I tried to make sure I had enough extra stitches to round out the heel. I thought that my color was closer to the darker gold brown in the top but it wasn’t. My hope is that my friend really not care and just hope the patch hold up!

Reading the tutorial had me thinking I should get one of those egg things but I didn’t really need it. I just like having new tools! I have been eyeing up a knitting machine so I can just whip out socks and leg warmers. A bit pricey yet.  I tried out a round loom and I didn’t really like it. The stitches were so loose and I’m more of a tight knitter. Plus it felt awkward. I have a couple wooden looms that I got as a gift. I think I’m going to knit a shawl in the big one. Now just for the right pattern!
Hope you have a great weekend! Craft on!

Facing dismissal, distinguished teacher resigns after reciting lurid Allan Ginsburg poem in class

Why Evolution Is True

David Olio, a Connecticut high-school English teacher, has resigned rather than face being fired after reading a racy Allen Ginsburg poem to his class.  Olio not only teaches AP (Advanced Placement) English, but won Connecticut’s highest award for teaching excellence. You can read the poem,  “Please Master,” here.  There’s no doubt that it’s salacious, but it’s also likely to inspire a good discussion.

But the circumstances are even more exculpating than him just reading an inappropriate poem to students. As The Daily Beast reports, he was more or less blindsided by it:

It was the kind of moment teachers covet. An Advanced Placement English class focusing on poetry, and a student brings in a poem that caught his eye, hoping to discuss in the waning moments of the period how the poet uses language in his work.

The teacher, David Olio, a 19-year veteran of the South Windsor School District and…

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