Busy but not?

i feel like I just don’t have a moment to catch up on blogging! I’ve been reading all my subscribed blogs and loving all the creative juices that are flowing. I have had a slow down on the fiber crafting and really not much soaping. I’ve been making a lot of decals and some side design stuff. But really, I’ve been trying to wind down more at night and take better care of myself. It’s been tough.

There’s been some concerned citizens in the land of Speckville II. Laundry scarcely finished, dishes piling up, crafty bits strewn throughout the house…I would consider that normal. I suppose crafting was taking away my ability to find matching socks for the baby. As long as he is wearing some! In any case, I’ve had to revamp some priorities and timeframes set for specific times to not interfere with our daily lives. Now j find myself hardly knitting at all 😦

One a good note, I was commissioned to make 70 baby shower invites. Yay! I found this cut one to reference:

And came up with this I the color theme


 Don’t mind the arm…just covering personal deets…

This is the back sleeve to hold the invitation like a belly band. I have another little tag to add for the registry information. Not sure what I’ll do…I gotta figure it out quick though!  



I cut the base bassinet with my Silhouette so I could get those ruffle edges just right and crisp. I had some pretty ribbon that I wanted to add a ruffle skirt to the bottom but I won’t have enough.  


It would have been just adorable. I may have to hunt more down…I need to get these out ASAP because her shower is in a month! Not much lead time but she is paying a premium price. 

I decided to get a new tool to help with all the folding. A scoring board! I love it! It’s a Margha Stewart one that came with an envelope folder as well. I almost got the one with all the bells and whistles but decided for this one. It’s small enough for my workspace and does the 12×12 papers.

I’ll be working on these through the weekend as well as getting in some gardening and family time. I hope all those enjoying the day off in the U.S., keep in your memory our soldiers who have served. I come from a long line of verterans.

First week down

first week at the new job was good. A bit different and an adjustment of process. But overall, I like the people and environment. Things aren’t so rigid but still very put together. It’s a very team environment probably because there aren’t many people who work there so we all rely on each other.

Things were kind of dramatic as well. While driving the other night home, my jeep was making an awful rattling and I really thought that the front end was falling apart! I pulled over a couple times to check out stuff thinking a big rock was in my tire or something but in the end I just called my husband to check it out. Apparently the lug nuts were so loose had I driven the whole way home, the tire would Have fallen off.

Just a couple pics of some stuff I worked on:


Yup that’s about it. I think I knit something lol I can’t remember