In the words of Ice Cube…

“today was a good day”

Mailed off my mom’s birthday blanket and hope she gets it by Wednesday. 



It probably could have used some blocking…but I was anxious for her to get it so in the mail it went. I think I am going to make this one again with a darker purple not variegated yarn. Seems camoflauged with all the color changes.

And drumroll please……….

I accepted a position at a new company!!!!! I interviewed Friday and got an offer today. I’m so pumped! I gave notice to my current employment so I can start in a couple weeks and hopefully give them time to hire a replacement. I’ll tell you more about it when that time comes. I do like what I do as a graphic designer so this is just another market. From tractors and motorcycles to elder care marketing. Interesting transition right?

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today!!! I went for a walk and took the baby to the park. We went to get ice cream and just had a nice time. 

Here’s my boy eating some green chippy chip (mint chocolate chip). He just loves mint and chocolate! Don’t mess with his peppermint patties! I can’t wait to have more days like this.

Bring on the sun!!!!

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