The Big Dichotomy

A bit graphic in the language but not any less true.

Why Evolution Is True

Trigger warning: Video contains sexual truths and very raw language!

Everyone who’s sentient knows that, at least in America, there’s a double standard applied to men vs. women who are both ageing. This film, starring Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Amy Schumer, is really funny, but beneath the humor the women are, I suspect, dead serious.

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And back.

I just love this saying. I know that it’s uber popular and this is the style graphically. I really LOVE calligraphy and so glad it is making a come back! I think I’m going to attempt some pillow cases for these little sayings that I’ve been doing. Like on linen or something elegantly simple.moonrgbSo this is my last day today at my job and I start a new adventure on Monday. I’m super stoked! I did have another call come through for a job I had actually applied for well over a month ago and talked to the director. Had I not been offered this new job with a great rate and environment, I probably would’ve taken this other one. He said that my redesign package and portfolio were impressive and my designs had been ranked highest out of all that was submitted. Whoa, kudos! To be honest, there was a small glimmer of doubt and insecurity over the last few years of applying for positions and not being picked or even called for interview. My hubs said maybe I wasn’t qualified, or possibly “over” qualified. In any case, I think part of the reason was that I banned cover letters in my resume package. I just don’t really see the point in them. People know that I’m applying for a job and it seems pretty egotistical to write a letter convincing them I’m the best option on paper. How 2-dimensional and I’m a 4-dimensional kind of person. hahaaa…

I’ve been prepping for this day, clearing my computer, filing paperwork, cleaning my desk. Where there was once a vibrant workspace is now back to the droll beige cube. I’m not sad though! The new space has 2 glorious windows and is purple (technically, periwinkle but I’m the judge here)! I was just asked what I will be wearing Monday. Oh, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt!! What? YES. Hate me now old workplace. hehe. They’ll miss me I know but not as much as they miss dress down Fridays. We live for them here. I will now find something else to look forward to at the new place. I’ll pick something less mundane.

Orders are streaming in for my side biz of t-shirts. Makes me feel good. My press broke last week and I was bummed because I have a large order that needs to be done and while i was doing some smaller orders, the one piece that was hanging by a small thread, finally snapped after all the compression. I even tried to rig it in several ways so that I could keep working but no avail. I ordered in the new part and mended my press last night. Man, I was worried! How was I going to iron all my stuff and try to get new orders! Spreaking of which, because of my awesome friend, Todd of Way Cool Beans Coffee, I was contacted by a local non-profit and will be doing their shirts for next week as soon as the details are finalized. I’m excited! Although, my hubs was a smidge upset over my pricing because he doesn’t think I will be making any money but I’m thinking multifaceted here. They doubled their order and will be ordering in the future as well for long sleeves. So, I planted the seed for future business!

I did lots of stuff this week. I made a couple washcloths but nothing major in fiber. Mostly design. Oo and this fun shirt:


it’s just too cute. Oh and this one has to be my fave:


hahaaa! That’s going to be super cute on the boy who is getting it! Well, that’s enough waxing creative. I should get some real work done. Til next week! Stay crafty, my friends!

The Road to Character

I want to read this book. I’ve been struggling the last year to find a place where I am comfortable with being without the clamor of life and greed of success crowding out my primal desire of living usefully. Isn’t that we all want? To live with purpose? To find meaning? Maybe it’s the road to character that we’ve lost the path to or at least strayed from.

In the words of Ice Cube…

“today was a good day”

Mailed off my mom’s birthday blanket and hope she gets it by Wednesday. 



It probably could have used some blocking…but I was anxious for her to get it so in the mail it went. I think I am going to make this one again with a darker purple not variegated yarn. Seems camoflauged with all the color changes.

And drumroll please……….

I accepted a position at a new company!!!!! I interviewed Friday and got an offer today. I’m so pumped! I gave notice to my current employment so I can start in a couple weeks and hopefully give them time to hire a replacement. I’ll tell you more about it when that time comes. I do like what I do as a graphic designer so this is just another market. From tractors and motorcycles to elder care marketing. Interesting transition right?

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today!!! I went for a walk and took the baby to the park. We went to get ice cream and just had a nice time. 

Here’s my boy eating some green chippy chip (mint chocolate chip). He just loves mint and chocolate! Don’t mess with his peppermint patties! I can’t wait to have more days like this.

Bring on the sun!!!!

The cutest THINGS ever!!

ya yA so I’m biased…but for real, they are the tiniest, cutest babies! 

I did make their hats!



 And I made a cute pair of sister bunnies!

Right now, I’m furiously crocheting to surprise my mom with a blanket she requested a month ago but with a bunch of custom stuff I’ve been working on, I pushed it last minute. Eek!! I am almost done though! Just another pattern row repeat and some ends to put in and trim, it shall be done!

I hope you had a great weekend and hope you had a hoppy Easter to those who celebrate!